Faculty Profiles

Our professors and lecturers are experienced in their fields, both professionally and personally, and are listed here with their field of specialty. Many instructors for Electronic Arts option courses are graduates of the Multimedia Masters Program.


Phillip Hofstetter – Chair

Professors Emeriti

Lew Carson (Professor Emeritus) - Pictorial Art
Corban LePell (Professor Emeritus) - Pictorial Art
Greg MacGregor (Professor Emeritus) - Photography
James Perizzo (Professor Emeritus) - Spatial Art
James Petrillo (Professor Emeritus) - Multimedia


Michael Henninger - Printmaking / Electronic Arts
Phillip Hofstetter - Electronic Art / Photography
Scott Hopkins - Photography
Mark Levy - Art History
Grace Munakata - Pictorial Art
Amy Oakland - Art History
Gwyan Rhabyt -Electronic Art
Suzy Wear - Electronic Art

Associate Professors

Janet Green - Electronic Art

Assistant Professors

Ian Pollock – Electronic Art


James Allison – Pictorial Art
Kristin Becker - Electronic Art
Jennifer Brazelton - Ceramics
Kirk LeClaire - Pictorial Art
Kate Lee – Electronic Art
Tana Lehr – Electronic Art
John Poole - Sculpture
Dickson Schneider
- Pictorial Art
Sharon Wickham – Photography


Jan Martinez - Administrative Support Coordinator
Robert Foster - Computer Lab
James Saxon - Photo Lab
Malka Helfman - Visual Resource Librarian
Hal Standley - Tool Room / Shop

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