Masters Degree - Comprehensive Examination Policy

In the final quarter of their academic program leading to the Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology, all graduate students take a comprehensive examination and answer four broad case-based questions, spanning the scope of practice in speech-language pathology.

The outcome of each comprehensive examination question is rated as either High Pass, Pass, Low Pass or Fail. Students receive written notification from the department regarding their performance on the Comprehensive Exam.

For all High Pass and Pass outcomes, the student has successfully completed that comprehensive examination question. If a student has High Pass or Pass outcomes on each of four questions, they are considered having successfully completed the Comprehensive Exam.

For all questions receiving a Low Pass or Fail outcome, the student must:

1) schedule an appointment with the faculty member who wrote the question to discuss the outcome, and

2) rewrite the question on a date designated for comprehensive examination rewrites or a later date identified upon consultation with department faculty (this may happen in case of a Fail outcome)

The comprehensive exam scoring rubric is available here.

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