Awards and Prizes

Scholarship Recipients

Virginia F. Ireys English Teacher Scholarship - '13

Christopher Edwards

R. V. Williams Short Fiction Award - '13

First Prize – "Cravings," by Samantha Kennedy

Second Prize – "J and Parker," by Rhiannon V. Williams

Third Prize – "Euphrates," by Harris Hancock

Honorable Mention

First Honorable Mention – "Emerald," by Sharon R. Wolfe

Second Honorable Mention – "Chess," by Spenser Babyak

Third Honorable Mention – "Tangles," by Anna Towers

Judge:  Mariah K. Young, the author of Masha'allah and Other Stories, winner of the James D. Houston Award and published by Heyday. She is a graduate of Cal State Hayward and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from UC Riverside.


Donald Markos Poetry Prize - '13

First Prize: "Gathering the Serpents" by Christopher Morgan

Second Prize: "In a World That Is Only Humming" by Michael Young

Third Prize: "Knee Deep" by Samantha Kennedy

Honorable Mention: "Yamaha in Slow Motion" by Samantha Kennedy

Poetry Judge: Berkeley poet Nellie Hill, author most recently of the chapbook My Daily Walk. Her poems have been published in The Harvard Magazine, Commonweal, Poetry East,  among many others.

De Clercq Poetry Prize - '13

First Prize: "Fragile" by Gabrielle Brown-Wing

Second Prize: "At Eden Valley" by Samantha Kennedy

Third Prize: "Adventures at Grandma's" by Brittney Hill

Honorable Mentions: "Kindling" by Candice Evenson and "Attempting to Place Myself in a Long Line of Tragedy" by Thomas (TJ) Lyons

Warriner Essay Contest - '13

English 735

First Prize: “How to Speak Chinese as a Second Language” by Kunrong Zheng

English 803

First Prize: "American English" by Kiritika Maharaj

Second Prize: "Compare and Contrast" by Liezl Marie Garde

Third Prize: "The Same Situation but Different Years" by Gina Markette

English 910

First Prize: "American English" by Kiritika Maharaj

Second Prize: "Compare and Contrast" by Liezl Marie Garde

Third Prize: "Controversies of Marriage" by Jimena Gomez

English 1001

First Prize: “Communication Within Different Ethnic Settings” by Kaylie Otsuka

Second Prize: “The Role of Superstition in Teaching Swahili Values” by Juliet Naishorua

Third Prize: “Thanksgiving Pho” by Tammy Chao

English 3071

First Prize: “Nursing Champagne” by Christopher Dizon

Second Prize: “Am I There Yet?” by Robert Burke

Third Prize: “Mission Street Merry Go Round” by Christopher Dare

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