CSU East Bay Department of Anthropology

The university offers the Master of Arts degree in Anthropology. Anthropology, the study of human experience, provides a cross-cultural and long-term historical perspective on humanity as the product of biological and cultural evolution. Students in this field will learn about what cultural, social and physical characteristics are universal, and what kinds of variation exists among human populations. Students will become familiar with disciplinary debates and alternative perspectives within anthropology. In addition, the Department of Anthropology offers regional courses on the major populations of the world, with particular emphasis placed on North and South America and Asia. Students choose one of three tracks of study: an applied anthropology focus, a comprehensive course of study, or (with approval from the Department) individual research culminating in a University Thesis. Students not electing the applied anthropology track will be expected to take courses in any three subfields of the discipline: sociocultural, archeological, biological, or linguistic anthropology.

Applications are considered only for Fall Quarter admission. The departmental application is posted on this website (see the left navigation bar on the department's main home page). Please contact the Chair, Dr. Laura Nelson (laura.nelson@csueastbay.edu) or Dr. Andrew Wong (andrew.wong@csueastbay.edu), for deadlines and more information.

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