Participants and Alumni

Congratulations on being accepted into and participating in the Mental Health Stipend Program! Thank you for your commitment to community-based mental health in California.

Program Requirements

As a participant in the program, you are required to complete your second-year internship and one year of post-graduation employment in agencies that are:

  • County mental health agencies OR
  • agencies that contract with county mental health (the CalSWEC Mental Health Coordinator will distribute lists of contractors to graduating students to help them prepare to seek qualifying employment)

Internships / employment settings that do not qualify include:

  • Most inpatient settings, jails, or prisons
  • Agencies that predominantly serve involuntary clients

You will also need to attend and participate in the CalSWEC-II seminar in the first quarter and take 2 elective courses, one of which must be SW 6550 Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Please note that if you miss mandatory community forums or other required department activities, your stipend check may be delayed. Finally, it is critical that you stay in touch with the CalSWEC Mental Health Coordinator until your employment obligation is fulfilled. Though not required, it is very helpful for alumni who have completed their obligations to maintain contact as well; your participation in alumni surveys and departmental activities (eg. mock interviews, guest presentations, etc.), is appreciated.


  • CalSWEC-II Alumni Google Group (Moderated group. Students are added to the group in the Spring quarter of their second year; alumni may request an invitation to join by following the "request invitation" link on the group's homepage)
  • CSUEB MSW Jobs Page (Please note that not all jobs listed on this general MSW Jobs Page qualifies for CalSWEC, for further guidance please check with CalSWEC-II MH Coordinator)

Resources, Forms for CalSWEC-II Mental Health Graduates

  • Visit this website for details on resources, forms, and guidance on search for qualifying agencies and positions
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