General Education Courses for GANAS Students

Transfer students must complete twelve (12) units of upper-division G.E. at CSU East Bay. GANAS students will fullfill the G.E. Breadth Requirements by enrolling and completing the following three (3) classes during their first year.

FALL    Professor: Luz Calvo

Ethnic Studies 3010 (fulfills UD GE D4)

Decolonize Your Diet: Food Justice in Communities of Color (4 units)

This course explores issues related to food justice in communities of color in the US. Topics may include recovering knowledge about ancestral food, community gardens in urban environments, or healing from Western diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

WINTER    Professor: Carlos Salomon

Ethnic Studies 3230 (fulfills UD GE C4) 

Oral Traditions (4 units)

Critical examination of oral traditions, collective memory, folklore, and testimonial literature of America's multicultural experience. Emphasis on community dynamics, immigration, pop-culture, folklore, and family history.

SPRING    Professor: Maria Nieto

BIOLOGY 3065 (fulfills UD GE B6)

Humans and Sex (4 units)

The genetic, hormonal and behavioral basis of sexuality in humans from conception to adulthood; developmental and behavioral variation; enhancement and suppression of fertility; genetic screening. Not for Biology B.S. degree credit.

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