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Our mission is to enhance and facilitate the teaching and learning of mathematics across all communities in the Bay Area. The Center is designed to benefit both faculty members, who are seeking opportunities for grant funding, and funders from outside granting agencies interested in participating in the improvement of mathematics education. CMER provides a centralized location that describes the work and expertise of the university faculty. CMER promotes opportunities for outside entities, who are interested in getting involved in community educational improvement, to collaborate with higher education faculty in Math and Education at Cal State University, East Bay.

Many of our grants focus on mathematics professional development for teachers in K-12. Unique to our staff development is that we blend two concepts: strengthening teachers' understanding of the math concepts they teach, and providing teachers a broader base of pedagogical skills to use in their classrooms. We reinforce a deeper knowledge of the development and connections of mathematical key ideas by having teachers investigate concepts concretely using manipulatives, semi-concretely using visuals, numerically and algebraically. Thus, teachers gain a better awareness of how their grade level mathematics fits into the big picture of Algebra I and beyond.

In addition, we provide opportunities for underserved students in grades 6-12 to become better prepared and eligible for entry into college-level mathematics courses. Through best practices of mathematics instruction, students experience success and ah ha moments at our summer Math Achievement Academies. We provide academic year coaching to reinforce the good habits and mathematical training students receive over the summer.

Research into mathematical education is a component of our work in all of our grants and projects. We are keenly interested in determining the most effective approaches to teaching mathematics to K-12 students and to adults.

CMER is part of the larger vision of a STEM-centered university at CSUEB. Support for STEM education is one of the university's top strategic initiatives and a key priority in the University of Possibilities comprehensive fundraising campaign. CSUEB has developed a three-part approach to address regional challenges as well as school and workforce needs, which calls for teaching STEM across the curriculum at CSUEB, improving training for K-12 STEM teachers, and partnering with regional businesses to build a pipeline of students engaged in STEM subjects and prepared for the workforce.

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CMER Calendar/News:

  • September 2012-June 2013: Various Study Jams in Contra Costa and Alameda Counties
  • July 22-July 31, 2013: IMPACT Summer Institute (3rd Year)
  • August 5-9, 2013: Algebra I Training (Lesher Foundation)
  • June-August 2013:  Math Achievement Academies in 11 school districts
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