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Effective: Fall 2010

A.CS 6901 Capstone Experience (4 units)

A synthesis of important areas of Computer Science, culminating in comprehensive examinations covering these areas.

Prerequisites: completion of at least 30 units toward the MS degree; satisfactory completion of all course requirements including CS 6260, CS 6560, and the analysis/automata requirement. [Courses equivalent to CS 4170/6170 (Automata and Formal Languages) and CS 4245 (Analysis of Algorithms) if not completed before admission to the M.S. program].


WST: A "Conditionally Classified Graduate" student who has no course deficiencies, a "B" or better average in at least 12 quarter units of post-baccalaureate study, and has satisfied the University Writing Skills requirement should petition the graduate coordinator for admission to the master's degree program with "Classified Graduate" status.

B. Capstone Experience (1-5 units). Select (1) or (2)

1. CS 6901 Capstone Experience (4)

2. A Departmental Thesis (CS 6909). Students who write a thesis must have an advisor who agrees to oversee the work, and must have the proposed topic approved by the Computer Science Graduate Studies Committee.

Also, the number of units listed in the elective section is changed.

C. Electives (14-19 units) (14-18 units)

The total required units in the M.S. in Computer Science is currently 45 units and is not being changed. CS 6901 will count towards these 45 units, hence this may decrease the number of electives that a student is required to take.

If the student elects to do a Thesis (for 1 to 5 units) then they will need 14-18 units of electives.

If a student elects to take 6901 (4 units) then they will need 15 units of electives, so the overall range of electives is 14-18.

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