If you still need to take the comprehensive exams as part of the CS Masters program, the culminating experience requirement has changed. The course, CS 6901 Graduate Capstone Experience, has replaced the Comprehensive Exams.

CS 6901 is a 4 unit Hybrid course, taken CR/NC, which counts towards your 45 units for the masters, as an Elective. This course consists of 3 exams, Systems, Data Structures and Theory. The Quarter will be spent helping you prepare for the exams. "Attendance/Participation" is not mandatory except for the exams.

To enroll in the course you must (i) have at least 30 units toward the MS degree, (ii) have taken CS 6260, CS 6560, and the algorithms/automata requirement, and (iii) completed ALL admissions prerequisites, including the WST.

NOTE: All students taking CS 6901 in Fall 2011 (and after) must be registered in the course.

The transition year [Fall 2010 - Spring 2011] from the old comprehensive exam system to the new Capstone is coming to an end. Now that the grace period is over, from 2011 onward all graduate students must register for CS6901 each time they wish to take the exams.

This means: NO guest status, NO incomplete grades given, DO pay for the units each time you take the class, if you need to take it more than once.

Important additional information can be found at Capstone

If you have any general questions about the MS program, please contact the CS Grad Coordinator, Professor David Yang: david.yang@csueastbay.edu

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