Exam Instructions

TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE (and it must stay in the room at all times)

  • Bring a PHOTO ID. Keep this available and show it when you turn in your papers.
  • Please be in the room 15 minutes before the exam starting times above.
  • Answer paper will be provided.
  • Keep your eyes on your own work and do not try to look at other solutions (we are serious).
  • You can only turn-in answers to ONLY TWO out of THREE questions.
  • Please write dark so that your paper can be read.
  • Please be concise.
  • You may keep the exam sheet.

A comment about language choice on Data Structures: You can program in any language as long as your code clearly displays the algorithm operating on a data structure. This will typically be C, C++, or Java. We do not recommend scripting languages such as Perl, unless they are used in a fashion that clearly illustrates the algorithm (and not something cryptic, which is very common in Perl).

But be careful of one thing. If you use special, language specific, structures like Arraylist, you could get into trouble. Don't use a structure that loses "linked list". Don't start using some array, when the problem calls for "linked list". That is, if the problem says "linked", then there better be a ".next" or "->next" and not L[i] or L.elementAt(i). There's a crucial difference between an array and a list. No Java Vectors.

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