Department of Math and Computer Science
MS Computer Science: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the requirements/prerequisites for the Master's program?
    MS Admission Prerequisites
  2. What are the requirements if I have just a three year degree?
    Fourth Year Bridge Program
  3. What are the requirements for the Master's degree?
    MS Computer Science Catalog
  4. What about the Graduate Capstone?
    CS Graduate Capstone
  5. What are the requirments for the Writing Skills Test (WST)?
  6. What about the new GRE's Analytics Writing Measure?
    GRE Analytic Writing Measure
    Note this score is listed as WAS (Written Analytic Skill) on Sailor.
    A score of 0045 (i.e., 4.5) means the student is exempt from the WST.
  7. How do I switch to classified status?
  8. How do I file for graduation?
  9. Do I have to take a course over again?
    *If you received a D+ or lower, you must take the course over again.
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