** Note that this information is subject to change. Please revisit this website often and read the information carefully.

Because Nursing has been designated as an impacted program by the Board of Trustees, a special admission procedure, via a supplemental application, has been instituted to assure that all students have an opportunity to be considered for admission to the Nursing major for Fall quarter.

The nursing major at CSU East Bay has two degree options:

  1. Pre-Licensure Clinical for those seeking a BS degree and California RN licensure, and
  2. RN-BSN Advanced Placement for those currently holding a California RN license and seeking to complete the BS degree.

Hundreds of applications are received each year for the Pre-licensure Option of the Nursing major, thus admission is highly competitive.

Read our BROCHURE about program requirements.

The CSUEB Pre-licensure Program is a full-time, day-time program that can be completed in two and one half years.

To be considered for admission to the Pre-Licensure Clinical Nursing program, students must complete two application forms:

  1. CSU Application for Admission
  2. Clinical Nursing Program Supplemental Application

Both applications must be filed in November for admission in the Fall quarter of the following academic year. Students must also take the "Test of Essential Academic Skills."

To be eligible for admission, you must have a 3.00 average prerequisite GPA in the following:

  • ALL EIGHT prerequisite courses combined, and
  • Just the FOUR prerequisite science courses

CSUEB NURSING does not consider +/- grades in GPA calculations.

For example, on the NURSING application, a grade of A+/A/A- earns 4 GPA points, B+/B/B- earns 3 GPA points, and C+/C earns 2 GPA points.

All prerequisite courses must be complete by the end of the Fall term in which you apply.

All prerequisite courses must have a "C" or better. A "C" or "C+" grade (or better) is acceptable in prerequisite classes, as long as the 3.00 minimum GPA requirement is still met. A "C-" grade, however, is too low, and is not acceptable.


All prerequisite courses taken at campuses other than CSUEB must be approved as equivalent prior to submitting your Supplemental Application. A Course Equivalency Chart is available so you can compare courses. Candidates can also check on for course equivalencies to other California public colleges. Contact the Department (510-885-3481) for information on equivalency evaluation of courses from international universities, out-of-state campuses, or California universities not listed on the Equivalency Chart.  

  • Human Anatomy/Physiology I  (BIOL 2010, 5 units)
  • Human Anatomy/Physiology II  (BIOL 2020, 5 units)
  • Introduction to Microbiology  (BIOL 2025, 5 units)
  • Inorganic Chemistry  (CHEM 1601, 4 units)  OR 
    Organic Biochemistry  (CHEM 1602, 4 units) OR 
    INTEGRATED Chemistry Class (Chem 1610, 6 units)
  • Written Communication/English Composition (ENGL 1001, 4 units), GE Area A2
  • Oral Communication/Public Speech or Interpersonal  (COMM 1000 or 1004, 4 units), GE Area A1
  • Statistics  (STAT 1000, 5 units), GE Area B4
  • Critical Thinking/Logic  (4 units), GE Area A3

* PLEASE NOTE: If you complete a combined "Anatomy & Physiology I" course, you must take PART II from the same campus. If you take a single-topic "Anatomy" course at any campus, you may take a single-topic "Physiology" course from any other campus.

The critical thinking prerequisite can only be satisfied by a specific logic-based class, with reference to inductive/deductive reasoning and/or evaluation of fallacies.

A higher level math course, such as Calculus or Trigonometry, CANNOT substitute for the statistics prerequisite.

ONE non-science prerequisite may be taken credit/no credit. Our office accepts an AP score of 3 or higher as a substitute for either the English OR Statistics prerequisite; this ONE AP score will count as the ONLY credit/no credit on the nursing application. Send an official score report to CSUEB admissions as proof by the FEBRUARY 14 deadline.

If you are a CSUEB student, follow the Nursing Roadmap on the College of Science website for suggested prerequisite course sequence and list of associated classes.


The CSUEB Department of Nursing & Health Sciences Office and CSUEB Admissions Office must receive all application forms, transcripts and other required documents by required dates. **Postmarked documents do not count as received.**


Candidates who are currently attending CSUEB need not complete an application for University admission UNLESS they will graduate in another major before the Fall term when they would BEGIN the Nursing Program. For example, if applying for Fall 2014 admission, CSUEB students must fill out a CSUEB application if they will graduate Fall 2013, Winter 2014, Spring 2014 or Summer 2014.

Please indicate Pre-Nursing on the application as choice of major.

  1. The CSUEB application

    is available for on-line completion and submission at: This application is evaluated separately by the CSUEB Admissions Office. Follow University Deadlines for Admission Requirements. If the University denies you, this overrides any admission offers made by the Nursing Program.
  2. The Pre-Licensure Application

    The CSUEB Clinical Nursing Program supplemental application is only available between October 1 and November 30.

    Applications OPEN October 1 at NOON and CLOSE November 30 at NOON

    Once the application is available, please click nursing application link (below) to fill out and submit between October 1 and November 30.  


    Once the application is available, and you correctly submit it by the deadline, you can click the nursing application link (below) to edit it until February 14.  


    If you have questions/technical issues related to the nursing application process, please email

    **Some personal email accounts have filtered our Nursing Department emails into Spam folders. Please check your Spam folder regularly during the application process if you are not yet using a CSUEB email account. We send important updates and reminders via email and we do not want you to miss these. Thank you!!  



Veterans or current members of the military, submit a copy of your DD214 form or other official proof of military status.

LVN applicants, submit a copy of your current LVN license.



All official transcripts, from every college or university attended (outside of CSUEB), are due only to the CSUEB Admissions Office, NOT the Nursing Department.

Do NOT send any transcripts to the Nursing Department.

All nursing prerequisites must be completed by the end of the Fall term in which you apply, one year before the program begins.

FOR NURSING APPLICANTS ONLY: to remain eligible for Nursing Program consideration, nursing candidates must meet the earlier document deadline of February 14, rather than the document deadline posted on the main University website.

The CSUEB Admissions Office must receive all required admission documents, not just transcripts, by required dates. **Postmarked documents do not count as received.**

If preferred by the student, official transcripts in sealed envelopes may be hand-delivered to the Enrollment Information Center on the Hayward campus or Academic Services Center on the Concord campus.

Nursing students already done with prerequisites are encouraged to send their transcripts to the CSUEB Admissions Office as early as possible.

If you are using an AP exam score to satisfy the English or Statistics prerequisite, please also send CSUEB Admissions an official copy of your AP score report by February 14.

Check your myCSUEB account for updates on whether or not your documents were received.


  1. (OPTIONAL)Healthcare Worker Application: If you work or have worked in the health care industry, you may qualify for additional admission points. Your work must be paid (not volunteer) and for the equivalent of six months full-time or one year 50% time involving direct patient care.
  2. (OPTIONAL)Language Proficiency Application: If you are proficient in a language other than English, you may qualify for additional admission points. Your non-English language skill must be certified and you must also score no lower than the 50th percentile on the "English" and "Reading"; sections of the TEAS.
  3. Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) scores:
    Please register at to take the TEAS. When you register, ATI Testing will issue a registration number that looks like this: A12345678 (it starts with the letter "A" followed by eight digits). Write this registration number on a paper and bring it with you on the test date. You will be required to insert this number on your answer sheet on the day of the test. If you do not insert this number on your answer sheet, your test will not be scored. Once the registration number has been issued, you can use it for every TEAS you take.

To view available dates and times to take the TEAS at CSUEB, please visit: If you want to request testing accommodations because of a disability, contact the Accessibility Services at (510) 885-3868.

The Testing Office at CSUEB offers Version 5 of the TEAS exam.

*PLEASE NOTE* Our program limits our consideration of TEAS scores to the first two attempts. The highest composite score will be considered. CSUEB accepts any version of the TEAS exam from any year. Study guides are available at the CSUEB Bookstore (510-885-3507) and at the online store on the ATI website -

The Nursing and Health Sciences Department can retrieve any TEAS test score taken at CSUEB. If the TEAS test is taken elsewhere, the candidate must request and send an official report of test scores from ATI Testing. A photocopy or printout of test scores from the website is not official.

The Nursing Department must receive official TEAS scores by February 14th.


  1. For the CSUEB Nursing application, repeating prerequisite courses within 7 years of each other results in a deduction of 5 points per repeat from the total application points.
  2. Check with your campus what the guidelines and policies are for repeating a course that earned at least a 'C' grade (Academic Renewal).
  3. For the CSUEB Nursing application, the higher grade is always considered for a repeated course, even if the student's own campus uses a different formula to calculate overall/cumulative GPA for repeated courses.


To mitigate impacted program status through Supplemental Application admission criteria, the policy of the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences (approved May 1, 2003) is to admit qualified candidates in Fall Quarter with admission priority ranking as follows:

  1. Military who have met minimum prerequisite qualifications, currently serve or were honorably discharged or released from active service, and are residents of California as defined for fee purposes
  2. California residents who have met minimum prerequisite qualifications and are ranked according to screening criteria (includes those seeking second baccalaureates)
  3. Non-California residents who have met minimum prerequisite qualifications and are ranked according to screening criteria (includes those seeking second baccalaureates)

Applicants are awarded admission points based on the criteria listed below. Applicants with higher point totals have the best chance for admission.

  • 50 points - for prerequisite GPA (based on submitted grades). Each repetition of a prerequisite course within a 7-year period will result in a deduction of 5 points.
  • 40 points - for TEAS (Adjusted Individual Total Score)
  • 10 points - for CSUEB native students (current students who were first-time freshman at time of university admission) that took ALL FOUR nursing SCIENCE prerequisites at CSUEB. ***Effective for Fall 2013 admission.
  • 5 points - for speaking and writing proficiency in English and one other language. Applicant must provide a voucher for non-English language and score minimum 50th percentile on the English and Reading sections of the TEAS.
  • 5 points - for the equivalent of at least 6 months full-time or 1 year part-time paid employment in a health care setting providing direct patient care.


All offers of conditional admission to the nursing program AND notices of placement on the Waitlist are sent via email by Spring Term (last week of May). Please check your CSUEB email often.

**If you receive a letter welcoming you to the Pre-Nursing Program prior to receiving a Nursing Program admit letter, please keep in mind this is an offer of admission to the University only.

WAITLIST: Remaining eligible candidates are placed in ranked order on a Waitlist according to accumulated admission points. If a candidate on the Waitlist does not gain entry into the program and wishes to be considered for the following year, a new application must be submitted.

In case of equal POINTS ranking, tie-breakers will be 1) English and Reading scores on TEAS Test, then 2) cumulative GPA in all baccalaureate level coursework, then 3) residency status.

WHAT IF YOU THINK THERE'S AN ERROR?  Notify the Nursing Admissions Coordinator at within 15 calendar days of receipt of the notification.  Write a thorough explanation why you believe an error occurred.  Provide written documentation to support your claim upon request.


  1. Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening - must be clear for entry into program
  2. Attend one-day Nursing Orientation in late July (estimated)

Failure to complete above will prevent you from being admitted to the Nursing Program.

For questions or more information, please contact:

California State University, East Bay-Hayward Campus
Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
(North Science 143)
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94542
Phone: 510-885-3481
Fax: 510-885-2156

California State University, East Bay-Concord Campus
Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
(Library Room 143)
4700 Ygnacio Valley Rd.
Concord, CA 94521
Phone: 925-602-6753
Fax: 925-602-6367

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