Spitzer Physics Seminars

The department of physics seminar series is intended for a general audience. Unless otherwise noted, seminars will be held in South Science 149 from 12:00 - 1:00 on Friday afternoons. Snacks and refreshments will be served starting at 11:45.

Our seminars series is made possible by the generous support of Mr. Mathew Spitzer.

Winter 09 Seminar Series

Solar Cells Made from Goo (Click to view abstract)


Dr. Rich Barber Santa Clara University

Medical and Industrial Uses of Electron Linear Accelerators (Click to view abstract)


Dr. Stanley Johnsen Varian Medical System, Palo Alto, CA

Eye on the Sky - Infrared Astronomy and ATV-1 'Jules Verne' (Click to view abstract)


Rene Jacome CSUEB Physics Major

Fall 08 Seminar Series

Potential disasters from quantum black holes being produced at the LHC CERN Labs (Click to view abstract)


Dr. Piero Nicolini University of Trieste & I.N.F.N & CSU Fresno

National Security Asset Tracking Using Ultra Wide Band RFID (Click to view abstract)


Saied Haddad CSUEB Physics Major Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Gobal Security

Measuring the Cross-Section of Alignment Exchange in Two Isotopes of Rubidium (Click to view abstract)


Eric Bahr CSUEB Physics Major

Sensitivity Optimization of an Atomic Magnetometer Based on Nonlinear Optical Rotation (Click to view abstract))


Srikanth Guttikonda CSUEB Physics Major

Spring 08 Seminar Series

Extrasolar Planet Observing at Fresno State's Campus Observatory


Fred Ringwald CSU Fresno

Ripples in Spacetime: A New Window on the Universe. (Click to view the Abstract)


Dr. Beverly Berger National Science Foundation

Time Symmetry vs. Quantum Mechanics (Click to view the Abstract)


Ken Wharton San Jose State University

Winter 08 Seminar Series

Galileo & Einstein were wrong? Spinning balls fall slower?


Dr. William Pezzaglia CSU East Bay

Fall 07 Seminar Series

Spin-orbit interaction and the search for the persistent spin helix (Click to view the Abstract)


Dr. Chris Weber Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Industrious Physics: optical coherence tomography of the human eye, and other things you can do with a physics degree (Click to view the Abstract)


Dr. David Landuis Carl Zeiss

SPS Organized Seminars

An exploration, through entertaining demonstrations, of physics phenomena.


Dr. Jill Johnsen CSU East Bay

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