Yi He

Assistant Professor

Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship

(510) 885-3534
VBT 420
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Professional Focus

 RESEARCH: Consumer Behavior and Consumer Psychology, Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior, Branding & Advertising.

 TEACHING: Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, International Marketing, Marketing Research.


  • Ph.D., University of Hawai`i
  • M.Ed., University of Cincinnati
  • B.A., Southeast University, China


Not teaching this quarter.


He, Yi, Qimei Chen and Dana L. Alden (2012), “Social presence and service satisfaction: The moderating role of cultural value-orientation,” Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 11(2), 170–176.
He, Yi, (2012), “‘Help- Self’ versus ‘Help- Others’: The Effect of Consumption context on Health Decisions,” European Journal of Management, 12(1), 73-77.
He, Yi, Qimei Chen and Dana L. Alden (2012), “Consumption in the Public Eye: The Influence of Social Presence on Retail Service Experience,” Journal of Business Research. 65(3), 302–310.
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Alden, Dana L., Yi He and Qimei Chen (2010), “Service Recommendations and Customer Evaluations in the International Marketplace: Cultural and Situational Contingencies,” Journal of Business Research. 63(1), 38-44.
Chen, Qimei, Dana L. Alden and Yi He (2010), “The Boomerang Effect of Self-Referencing in Negative Health Message Communication,” Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, 10(2), 81-89.
Merz, A Michael, Yi He and Stephen L. Vargo (2009), “The Evolving Brand Logic: A Service-Dominant Logic Perspective,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 37(3), 328–344.

Vargo, Stephen L., Robert F. Lusch, Melissa M. Archpru and Yi He, (2009), “Service-Dominant Logic: A Review and Research Agenda,” Review of Marketing Research, 6, 125-167. 

Chen, Qimei, Shelly Rodgers and Yi He (2008), “A Critical Review of the e-Satisfaction Literature,” American Behavioral Scientists, 52(1), 38-59.
He, Yi, Michael A. Merz and Dana L. Alden (2008), “Diffusion of Measurement Invariance Assessment in Cross-National Empirical Marketing Research: Perspectives from the Literature and a Survey of Researchers,” Journal of International Marketing, 16(2), 64-83.
Merz, A Michael, Yi He and Dana L. Alden (2008), “A Categorization Approach to Analyzing the Global Consumer Culture Debate,” International Marketing Review, 25(2), 166-182.
Chen, Qimei, Yi He, Xinshu Zhao and David Griffith (2008), "Sources of Product Information for Chinese Rural Consumers - The First Glance," International Journal of Advertising, 27(1), 67-93.
Vargo, Stephen L., Kaori Nagao, Yi He and Fred W. Morgan (2007), “Satisfiers, Dissatisfiers, Criticals, and Neutrals: Understanding Their Relative Effects on Customer (Dis)Satisfaction,” Academyof MarketingScience Review, 11(2), 1-19. 

Grant Awards

CSUEB Faculty Support Grant, 2008, 2011, 2012

California State University Wang Family Fellowship, 2010

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