Faculty Guide to Understanding Service Learning Placements

STEP 1: Become familiar with service learning through our website, especially the Guiding Principles for Reducing Risk in Service Learning, http://www20.csueastbay.edu/faculty/ofd/communityengagement/dos-and-dont.html

NOTE: Contact the Center for Community Engagement cce@csueastbay.edu with any questions.


STEP 2: Select a site (or students may self-select) from the pre approved partner list available at CalStateS4

If the faculty member is establishing a new partnership or allowing students to choose their own sites, the faculty member is then responsible for contacting these agencies to complete the online Partnership Request before students can be placed. Based on this form a contract between the university and the agency will be established. Please ask community partners to complete the online Partnership Request at CalStateS4

STEP 3: Required Student Off Campus Learning Waiver (Online--information automatically collected by the Center for Community Engagement)

Optional: Student Learning Plan (paper--for faculty record-keeping only--not mandatory) http://www20.csueastbay.edu/faculty/ofd/communityengagement/file/doc/student-contract-learning-plan.pdf


STEP 4: Be sure to contact site supervisor with a syllabus and to follow up on student activities. 

STEP 5:  Blog about it!     Have your students blog!              http://csuebcenterforcommunityengagement.blog.com/

























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