Sample Syllabi

The following sample syllabi were submitted by these faculty to offer models for including a service learning component in a course. Many departments already offer applied theory, fieldwork, and internship courses - the practice of service learning pedagogy simply ensures students synthesize discipline-based knowledge with experience; asks that faculty develop intentional and focused academic reflection opportunities. Almost any course in which we teach theory can very easily be restructured to incorporate a community-based learning experience.

I recommend planning and preparing for the service learning component the quarter prior to teaching the course. The initial preparation may take some extra time - however once the assignments and community contacts have been established, they can be repeated from quarter to quarter with very little extra effort.

As Service Learning Director, I'm happy to assist with course preparation and planning. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to brainstorm ideas for a course.

Sample Syllabi

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Econometrics UMM

Entrep and Innov UMass

Mgmt Org Behavior UEvansville

Mkt Princ UMM

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