"Socrates says that only one person alone cannot get everything done that needs to be done which makes a perfect city/state. He needs others to help him, they need to work together.  The same applies today." (student participant 2012, Keep Hayward Clean and Green)

FDoS engages around 1400 students with over 30 community partners. Stay up-to-date, post photos and comments on Facebook.

Facebook CCE

Your participation in FDoS makes a difference and adds to the value of the image of CSUEB.  Here is a quick review of behavior guidelines and precautions.

Student Preparation FDoS

FDoS Photos 2013

What have other student's said?  Take a look at quotes from students who participated in previous FDoS.

Prezi Student Quotes FDoS 2013

 Here's the "big picture" and process for students.

FDos Student Process

See if we anticipated and answered your questions here about FDoS.


FDoS Program Policy 2015


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