Student Leadership for Community Engagement

Student Leadership for Community Engagement (SLCE) is an initiative within the Center for Community Engagement that provides students with opportunities for growth and development as leaders through paid training, focused experiences, and community service, enabling them to be leaders on and off campus and catalysts for positive change within the community.  Through our program, we hope to help students understand leadership skills and utilize them effectively for accomplishing goals; encourage them to exercise personal, professional, and social responsibilities in lives, careers, and communities; teach them to communicate, collaborate & work effectively in a diverse society;  and help them to assess, motivate, and hold accountable themselves and others.  There are two main programs within SLCE: Pioneers for Change and Hayward Promise Neighborhood.  Our mission is to create engaging educational programs that allow students to step out of their comfort zones and be positive leaders both on and off campus.

CSUEB Pioneers for Change (pfc) is made up of a select team of student interns who serve as leaders within the Center for Community Engagement on and off campus. What does being a Pioneer for Change mean?  It means taking personal, professional and social responsibility.  The dynamic pfc team puts their talents to use on a wide range of community engagement activities.  Upon acceptance to the program, pfc interns can work in two capacities—Freshmen Day of Service and Community Engagement Interns.  Freshmen Day of Service Interns help create and implement classroom presentations relating to Freshmen Day of Service.  They also assist with quarter tabling, giving students and campus community information about Pioneers for Change, and work as group leaders for projects. Community Engagement Interns work off campus at placement sites (non-profits and agencies).   While both internship options provide students with gratifying service opportunities, they also each grant interns the chance to focus on different areas of service and the time commitments that are most rewarding to them.  As the Center for Community Engagement continues to grow and connect students and faculty with the surrounding community, the pfc team will look for more ways to encourage, motivate, and support community engagement here at CSUEB.

In addition to Pioneers for Change, students can apply for a position as a tutor with Hayward Promise Neighborhood.   The Hayward Promise Neighborhood (HPN) is a partnership of residents, local schools, colleges, government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations, led by CSUEB and funded by a $25 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education.  This network of support will prepare and help students attain an excellent education, transition to college or post-secondary training, and enter successful and rewarding careers.  Students hired as HPN tutors work at various sites in the Jackson Triangle Area bounded by Jackson Street, Harder Road, and Whitman Streets.  Students hired as tutors for HPN work under the supervision of the HPN Service Learning Outreach coordinator.


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