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Information Technology

Mission Statement

The Division of Information Technology (IT) has three basic parts:

  • To enhance teaching and learning by providing access to innovative and reliable technology,
  • To facilitate business effectiveness and efficiency, and
  • To enable information access anytime and anywhere for our constituents.

Core Functions

We accomplish our work through our CORE functions:

  • Improve the Customer Experience
  • Optimize Effectiveness of Operations
  • Reduce Technical and Security Risks
  • Engage and Develop Employees

IT Strategic Priorities

  • Keep the systems, Up and running
  • Deliver Services that are reliable, cost effective, and constantly evolving to support innovative and future technology
  • Strengthen the Customer Connections and expand partnerships
  • Help CSUEB interact and make sense of its Data
  • Develop ITS ‘s Capabilities through broadening of skills and implementation of simple, clear, consistent processes that make it easy to follow through and get things done
  • Help our People grow:  Improve collaboration, responsiveness and accountability across the organization
  • Support cost effective technological advancement

IT Communication Strategy

  • IT strives to achieve excellence in service delivery to the CSUEB community
  • IT collaborates with individuals and departments throughout the University community to strengthen our customer relationships
  • IT demonstrates technological innovation and leadership by maintaining receptivity to leading edge IT knowledge embedded in CSUEB’s academic community and leveraging it where appropriate
  • IT is transparent and open, and accountable,--- in what we do, why we do it, and how we do it
  • Culture of “One IT”—fosters an environment that enables/forces collaboration across the organization.
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