NetID Known Issues

While the transition to a new identity management has been generally successful, some lingering issues still remain that ITS is actively working to resolve. Please review the items below to help in troubleshooting any NetID difficulties you may be experiencing. ITS appreciates the campus’ patience and understanding while we stabilize this system.

1. I already reported/submitted my personal email address but it is still not showing when I use the self-service page.

Enrollment Management may take as much as 3 business days to process personal email address changes, due to the validation steps and system mechanisms in place to verify a user’s identity. To expedite this, you may enter your personal email address through the MyCSUEB portal or contact the Service Desk at 510-885-4357.

2. I went through the activation process to get a code but I did not receive it in my email.

Email delivery through the internet may vary. Please wait an hour to see if the email has been delayed and check again. Also, check the spam or junk email folder to see if your email provider filtered the email as such, and ensure that the account being used does not have a forwarding address to another account. If this is not the case, please contact the Service Desk at 510-885-4357.

3. I can log in to my campus email (Google or Horizon) via my browser, but when I use my phone or email app, it sometimes doesn’t work unless I use my old password.

There is currently a synchronization problem with our identity management system and Google. A change is in the works to rectify this situation. In the mean time, you may access your campus mail via an internet browser or continue to use your old password with your email application. For further assistance, please contact Service Desk at 510-885-4357.

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