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Hello CSUEB Freshmen!  Welcome to this exciting new world called “higher education” here at CSUEB. Your General Studies program and instructors will help you become accustomed to this new environment, and we at the SCAA, the Student Center for Academic Achievement, also wish to offer you our welcome and insights.

We encourage you to make the SCAA your study hangout . You can rely on our friendly, knowledgeable tutors, and we also offer study skills workshops. It's a comfortable and supportive place.

On the SCAA website we provide many useful resources including:

Here are links to some CSUEB web pages with helpful information for first year students:

Some academic success tips from the SCAA staff:

"Be wise with time. Don’t procrastinate.  If you have lots of assignments, plan out how you will get everything done."

- Julie, Reception

"The most important thing you can do in college is study something you're really interested in. If you don't know what really interests you, read some books, watch a documentary, talk to professors, or take some extra classes. You can listen to advice from friends, family, or professors, but ultimately do something you want to do! Once you find something you like, embrace it and go wherever it takes you. And have fun!"

- Jeff, Math Tutor

"Even if you believe your work (essay writing or math) was adequate for high school, at the first hint of difficulty come to the SCAA! It's better to be proactive. In other words, don't wait until the mid-point of the quarter has passed."

- Rikki, Writing Tutor

"Don't over-use your calculator. Know how to do basic arithmetic. Try doing basic math in your head. You'll get faster on tests. As with most subjects, the brain fatigues after studying math for too long. Work for an hour, then do or study something else for an hour, and then come back. That sense of "shell shock" will have gone away in the meantime."

- David, Writing Tutor

"Make a crib sheet for every exam, even if the instructor does not allow you to use it when you take the exam. I find creating the sheet helps me organize my thoughts and memorize important rules, definitions, and theorems."

- Henry, Math Tutor

Good luck and stop by the SCAA and let us help you do your best!


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