Resources for Faculty

Peer tutoring at the SCAA can be an excellent resource to provide your students with additional practice developing their skills and learning to “study smarter.”  We have some important guiding rules for our tutors:  the tutors do not edit papers or do homework for students, and we do not help with take home exams.

How we help students with their writing!

  • A peer or paraprofessional tutor reviews a written assignment with the student, paying particular attention to the global concerns of thesis development, argument, and organization.
  • The tutor helps the student identify problems and develop possible strategies to solve them. In the case of grammar or punctuation problems, the tutor reviews the rules and makes sure the student understands the details. The student is ultimately responsible for correcting his or her work.
  • The tutor helps in the brainstorming process when the student is just beginning a writing project.
  • The tutor helps the student understand the purpose of an assignment.

How we help students with their math and statistics

  • The tutor will ask to see the assignment (or syllabus). She or he helps the student understand the concept, theory, or formula and work out problems independently.
  • Drop-in study groups for some math courses are often available.
  • The tutor does not do homework or take home exams with or for the student!

Faculty Referral

The attached voluntary faculty referral form will help you, your students, and us at the SCAA address your students' needs more effectively. We hope these referrals will also provide a feedback mechanism so that we can learn how your students are benefiting from tutoring at the SCAA.

  • Faculty referral form 

    • Math and Statistics PDF MS Word

    • Writing PDF MS Word

Proof of SCAA Visit

Often faculty will request that students verify their visit to the SCAA and use of our services.  A "Proof of Visit" form is available for students for this purpose, yet students and faculty must be aware that there may be times (especially during mid-terms and finals) when the "traffic" of student requests at the SCAA becomes so great that the center occasionally needs to stop accepting requests and students may be turned away.  Students need to recognize that if their attendance at the SCAA is being required for a class or an instructor (if they need to get a "Proof Form"), it's best to not wait until the last minute, becasue sometimes a tutor may not be available.

How to see a tutor

Other Resources:

Writing Skills Presentations:
The SCAA is able to present any of these topics in workshop format to your class.

  • Grammar Review (Basic: Parts of sentences and punctuation rules)
  • Using Sources Correctly
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Stop Run-on Sentences
  • Understanding the Conventions of Academic Writing
  • Understanding the Conventions of Scientific Articles
  • How to Become Your Own Editor
  • Everybody has to Write

Please contact John Whitman, SCAA Director, at 5-4759 or for more information.

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