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Multiple-Word Verbs and Adjectives

The following is a list of verbs and adjectives that must occur with particular prepositions.  The verbs with the asterisk (*) are separable multiple-word verbs; therefore, the direct object can go either after the verb or in between the verb and the preposition.

accuse (someone) of (something)
acquainted with (something/someone)
afraid of (something/someone)
agree to (something)
agree with (someone) about (something)
angry with / at (someone)
apologize for (something)
apologize to (someone)
apply for (a job, admission, membership)
apply to (an institution or organization)
approve of (something/someone)
argue with (someone) about (something)
arrive at (a building, activity, general location)
arrive in (a city, state, country)
*ask out / over (someone)

*beat up (someone)
believe in (something/someone)
benefit from (something)
blame (something) on (someone)
*blow up (something)
borrow (something) from (someone)
break down
break up with (someone)
*bring up (something/someone)
burn down
burn up

*call back (someone)
*call off (something)
call on (someone)
*call up (someone)
calm down
care about (something/someone)
catch up with (something/someone)
*check out (something/someone)
*clean up (something/someone)
come up with (something)
comfortable with (something/someone)
complain to (someone) about (something)
concentrate on (something)
congratulate (someone) on (something)
consist of (something)
count on (something/someone) for (something)
*cover up (something)
crazy about (something/someone)
*cross out (something)
*cut up (something)

deal with (something/someone)
decide on (something)
dedicated to (something/someone)
depend on (something/someone)
dependent on (something/someone)
die down
die out
disagree with (someone) about (something)
disappointed about (something)
disappointed with / in (something/someone)
distinguish from
*do over (something)
do without (something)
done with (something)
dream about / of (something/someone)
drop in on (someone)
*drop off (something/someone)
drop out (of school, an organization)

eat out
end up
engaged to (someone)
escape from (something/someone)
excited about (something/someone)

fall behind
fall down
fall off
fall through
familiar with (something/someone)
feel sorry for (someone)
fight for (something/someone)
figure on (something)
*figure out (something/someone)
*fill in (something)
*fill on (something)
*fill up (something)
find out about (something/someone)
finished with (something)
focus on (something)
friendly with / to (someone)
frightened of (something/someone)

get along with (someone)
get away with (something)
get by
get in (a car, taxi, truck)
get off (a plane, bus, train, bicycle, etc.)
get on (a plane, bus, train, bicycle, etc.)
get out of (a car, taxi, truck)
get over (something)
get rid of (something)
get up
*give away (something)
*give back (something)
give up
go on with (something)
go out with (someone)
go over (something)
grow up

happy about (something)
happy with (something/someone)
*hand in (something)
*hand out (something)
*hang up (something)
*have on (something)
hear about (something/someone)
hear from (someone)
hear of (something/someone)
help out (someone)
hide from (someone)
hide (something) from (someone)
hold on
hold on to (something/someone)
hope for (something)
hope to (do something)

in charge of (something/someone)
insist on (something)
interested in (something/someone)

jealous of (someone)

keep on doing (something)
*keep up (something)
keep up with(something/someone)
*kick out (someone)

laugh about (something)
laugh at (something/someone)
*leave out (something/someone)
*let down (someone)
lie down
look after (something/someone)
look at (something/someone)
look for (something/someone)
look forward to (something)
look into (something)
*look over (something)
*look up (something)

mad about (something)
mad at (someone)
*make up (something)
married to (someone)
move from (somewhere)
move over

nervous about (something)

participate in (something)
*pass out (something)
patient with (someone)
*pick out (something)
*pick up (someone)
point at (something/someone)
*point out (something)
prepare for (something)
prepared for (something)
profit from (something)
proud of (something/someone)
*put away (something)
*put back (something)
*put off (something)
*put on (something)
*put out (something)
*put together (something)
put up with (something/someone)

quiet down

ready for (something)
refer to (something/someone)
related to (something/someone)
rely on (something/someone) for (something)
respond to (something/someone)
responsible for (something/someone)
run across (something)
run into (something/someone)
run out of (something)
rush off

safe from (something/someone)
scared of (something/someone)
see about (something)
*see off (someone)
settle down
shout at (someone)
show up for (an event or activity)
*shut off (something)
sit down
sit up
slow down
sorry for (someone)
speak to / with (someone) about (something/someone)
speak up
stand for (something)
stare at (something/someone)
start out
stay up
*straighten out (something)
*straighten up (something)
sure of (something)
surprised at / about (something/someone)

take advantage of (something/someone)
take care of (something/someone)
*take off (something)
*take out (something/someone)
*take over (something)
*take up (something)
take place
talk to / with (someone) about (something/someone)
*tear down (something)
*tear up (something)
tell (someone) about (something/someone)
think about / of (something/someone)
*think over (something)
*throw away / out (something)
tired of (something/someone)
*try on (something)
*try out (something)
*turn down (something/someone)
*turn in (something)
*turn off (something)
*turn on (something)
*turn out (lights)
*turn up (something)

wait for (something/someone)
wait on (someone)
*wake up (someone)
work for (something/someone)
work for / toward (something)
work on (something)
*work out (something)
worry about (something/someone)
*wrap up (something)


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