SCAA Mission Statement  

The mission of the Student Center for Academic Achievement (the SCAA) is to help CSUEB students:

  • develop and improve their skills and abilities in order to meet the demands of college level coursework;

  • achieve and maintain academic excellence;

  • accomplish their academic and career goals and graduate as self-directed lifelong learners. 


To accomplish our mission, the SCAA will:


  • Provide content and skills tutoring, workshops and other programs that foster writing and quantitative reasoning skills, and encourage a disposition towards lifelong learning.


  • Provide students high quality tutoring, which includes reviews of concepts, discussions of ideas, and strategies for improving math, statistics, and writing skills.


  • Provide faculty with a resource for students who need additional help with writing or math, as well as a resource for writing and thinking across the curriculum projects.


  • Provide the university with an intellectual hub offering innovative programming that reflects our values.


SCAA Values

Excellence: help students become competent in writing and math with the goal of developing independence and confidence.

Fairness: offer services to all CSUEB students, including working adults, at-risk, and disabled  populations.

Collaboration: share resources and expertise with university programs, groups, and departments.

Continuous Improvement: improve quality of staff and services through professional development, assessment, evaluation, and realignment of services to meet university needs

Welcome from the SCAA Director

Welcome to the SCAA, the Student Center for Academic Achievement. The SCAA exists for the sole purpose of helping you become a successful student and a motivated, independent learner.

The core of the SCAA activities is our tutoring staff. They are, like you, students themselves. That means that not only can the tutors help you understand course material, but they can also help you develop better study skills. Like you they have struggled to complete homework deadlines, communicate well with professors, and pass exams. In the bigger picture, our tutors have developed high skill levels in their fields and are able to apply foundational concepts to more complicated questions and theories. Also they enjoy working with students and care about how their fellow students learn. So come and see how the SCAA and its tutors can help you become a successful student.

Qualities of Successful Students

  • Successful students ask for help.
  • Successful students are active learners; the tutor needs you to ask questions and do your best to work through problems with him/her.
  • Successful students avoid procrastination.
  • Successful students find and use all available resources; in addition to tutoring, get to know your professors, study in small groups with your classmates, and make sure to practice the skills you are learning (in writing as well as math).
  • Successful students will come to the free SCAA workshops, offered throughout the quarter, on subjects ranging from avoiding plagiarism to time management and preparing for finals.

I look forward to seeing you in the Center. I invite you to contact me directly with your feedback, concerns, and suggestions. And I offer my best wishes to you on your various journeys here at CSUEB.

SCAA Director
510 / 885-3674

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