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The resources and materials presented here are for the use of the SCAA and PLUS tutors.  Though it's presented in two sections, all the resources can be useful for either group of tutors, so please review the entire listing.

• Resources and Guidelines

SCAA Guidelines for Tutors - June 2010
SCAA Mission and Values
SCAA OWL Procedures and Guidelines
Tutoring Code of Ethics
The Tutoring Cycle (text)
The Tutoring Cycle (graphic)
Tutoring Math pt. I
Tutoring Math pt. II
FAQs - Working with a Math Tutor
Tutoring Writing
FAQs - Working with a Writing Tutor
Tutoring International Students
Tutoring Students with Disabilities

Bloom's Taxonomy - Levels of Learning
Bloom's Taxonomy - Keywords

Collaborative Learning through Study Groups

Discussion Activity - Group Work

Group Quiz Activity
Group Tutoring Suggestions

Using Small Groups Effectively

Reading Textbooks
Reading for Speed and Effectiveness

Effective Listening and Note-taking
Note-taking for Chemistry and Sciences

Summarize and Evaluate Lecture Notes

Taking Essay Tests
Essay Tests - Keywords
Taking Objective Tests
Test-taking Strategies

Tutoring Math

Tutoring Writing
Tutoring International Students
Tutoring Students with Disabilities

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Forms for Tutors

Peer to Peer Observation Chart

Peer to Peer Observation Form

Professional Development Approval Form


Study Hacks -
The Study Hacks blog teaches students how to do (very) well without burning out. It preaches the idea that you should: do less; do better; and know why.

Online Academic Success Videos from Dartmouth College -
Videos on chemistry, time management, notetaking, stress management, reading improvement, and strategic learning

Multimedia Tutorials -
A teriffic collection of video tutorials created by Douglass College tutors.  Inlcudes videos on time management, textbook reading, notetaking, essay writing, study tips for math, and others

Math Tutoring

Khan Academy -
Over 700 videos on YouTube covering everything from basic arithmetic and algebra to differential equations, physics, and finance

Wolframalpha -
All math level and very useful for checking your work

Symbolab -
For Calculus and differential equation (derivative and intergration calculator)

Writing Tutoring

First Tier Courses (ENGL 3000/3001) Evaluation Criteria
First Tier Courses (ENGL 3000 3001) FAQs

Materials for Writing Tutors from Dartmouth College -
Very complete information for writing tutors.  Includes a Tutor Training Video and The Personal Statement Training Video

The Purdue OWL -
Best Online Writing Lab in the universe

Interactive Grammar Quizzes

Grammar Bytes - interactive quizzes

Paradigm Writing Assistant - -
A manual for writing center tutors

Writing Documentation/Citation


Tutoring International and Non-Native English Speaking Students

Tutoring Non-Native English Speaking Students -
A resource for tutor training and support fro the Center for English Language Support, John Jay College and the Center for English Language Learners, Queensborough Community College

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SCAA Contact Information

Tel: (510) 885-3674

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