Back to the Bay 2013

Back to the Bay 2013 Presentation and Workshop Schedule and Descriptions

Early Bird Sessions
8:30 - 9:45    

Title: The New Smart Classroom

Description: This workshop provides a useful tour of the new smart classroom management tool. Attending this workshop will help ensure that classroom technology helps your course go smoothly from day one.
Presenter(s): Rich Avila, ITS Infrastructure and Operations; Shane Anderson, ITS Campus/Classroom; Jacob Cambra, ITS Campus/Classroom

Title: Blackboard Basics

Description: Blackboard Basics is an introduction to CSUEB's Blackboard Learning Management System. This workshop is designed for instructors who are new to the university or who have never used Blackboard.  Topics covered in this workshop include:

Logging in
Navigating your course
Organizing your course
Adding content to your course
Communicating with your students
Student work submission
Getting help
Presenter(s): Terry Smith, ITS Media and Academic Technology Services

Title: What's New in Blackboard? SP11 Overview Session

Description: At the end of Spring quarter, the Blackboard LMS was upgraded to Service Pack (SP)11. This service pack introduced a number of changes, including a change in the look and feel of the Blackboard interface and a variety of helpful new tools, including Inline Grading (like Turnitin's GradeMark), Global Navigation, and Assessment Item Analysis. This session will provide an overview of these changes and more.
Presenter(s): Bernie Salvador, Bonnie Correia, Meg Wright, Online and Hybrid Support Center


Title: Wicked Problems and Distinctive Programs

Description: Each fall students return to the CSU with a breathtaking range of expectations, backgrounds, and ambitions. For most of them the bottom line is the same: they want the intellectual and personal development that will get them good jobs and better futures. To the extent we can deliver on their hopes, everyone benefits. As the world gets more connected and frenetic, our graduates will rely more than ever on interpersonal skills, technological fluency, and mental versatility to make their way and solve complex problems. In this emerging context, the programs and institutions that distinguish themselves will be those that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries and exploit the shared heritage of all college learning.
Ken O'Donnell, Chancellor's Office

Workshop Session 1

Title: AIM (Accessible Instructional Material) for Universal Design

Description: Learn about Universal Design, tools to create accessible courses, and resources available at Accessibility Services.
Presenter(s): Daminna Stanfield, Accessibility Services

Title: Let's WASC and Roll!

Description: An overview of how CSUEB is preparing for our upcoming reaffirmation of accreditation. Some landmarks along with way include the self-study, an off-site review and the WASC team visit in Spring 2015. Come learn how you can help!
Presenter(s): Susan Opp, Academic Programs and Graduate Studies

Title: Creating a Respectful and Inclusive Environment: Results of the 2011-2012 Diversity Survey

Description: Participants in this workshop will gain an increased understanding of diversity and cultural sensitivity issues on campus and in the classroom and will hear the suggestions of students, faculty and staff regarding creating a respectful and inclusive environment at CSUEB.
Presenter(s): Dianne Rush Woods, University Diversity Officer, University Diversity Office; E. Maxwell Davis, Human Development; Sarah Taylor, Social Work; Kim Geron, Political Science;&

Title: The Center for Community Engagement and You

Description: This year CSUEB is launching a new Center for Community Engagement (formerly the Service Learning Program). Come meet the center staff and learn more about how High Impact Practices can bring your curriculum to life and improve student learning. We will discuss creating discipline-based projects that engage students in the surrounding community, the nuts-and-bolts of student placements and resources available for faculty and students at the Center for Community Engagement.
Presenter(s): Mary D'Alleva, Center for Community Engagement; Emily Chow, Hayward Promise Neighborhoods; Patricia Loche, Center for Community Engagement; Anita Smith, Center for Community Engagement

Title: Turnitin

Description: This workshop will provide an quick overview of Turnitin's suite of tools - Originality Check, GradeMark, and PeerMark. The Originality Check analyzes student submissions for matching text on the Internet, various databases, and Turnitin's repository of submitted papers. Grademark allows the instructor to easily mark up and provide feedback on a submitted paper, and PeerMark leverages the student submission to allow the ability for students to Peer Review other students' papers.
Presenter(s): Bernie Salvador, Online and Hybrid Support Center

Workshop Session 2

Title: Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students: A Primer

Description: Learn how to be an ally and create safe classrooms and other campus spaces for transgender and gender non-conforming students.
Presenter(s): Luz Calvo, Department of Ethnic Studies; Gretchen Keer, Library

Title: Campus Resources for Research: The Office of Research and Sponsored Program

Description: The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs provides a variety of pre- and post-award support to Principal Investigators (PIs) interested in securing external funding. ORSP's assistance includes identifying funding opportunities, proposal development, award negotiations and and many other services in order to facilitate the various research endeavors central to the mission of CSU East Bay.
Presenter(s): Sean Williams, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs; Jennifer Cabrejas, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Title: Voicethread and other Online Tools and Content

Description: Voicethread and other online tools help boost student engagement in online learning through interactive applications. This workshop provides a basic overview of how Voicethread will help you include instructor and student voices in your online courses and highlight other effective tools and content available through the Library for online teaching and learning.
Presenter(s): Andrew Carlos, University Libraries; Gretchen Keer, University Libraries; Sharon Radcliff, University Libraries; Jeffra Bussmann, University Libraries

Title: Creating a Respectful and Inclusive Environment: Results of the 2011-2012 Diversity Survey

Description: Participants in this workshop will gain an increased understanding of diversity and cultural sensitivity issues on campus and in the classroom and will hear the suggestions of students, faculty and staff regarding creating a respectful and inclusive environment at CSUEB.
Presenter(s): Dianne Rush Woods, University Diversity Officer, University Diversity Office; E. Maxwell Davis, Human Development; Sarah Taylor, Social Work; Kim Geron, Political Science; Silvina Ituarte, Criminal Justice; Carl Stempel, Sociology and Social Services

Title: Blackboard Rubrics

Description: Blackboard provides a rubric tool that allows instructors to construct a rubric, associate the rubric with an assignment, and easily grade an assignment using the rubric as a  guide. Using the Blackboard Rubrics tool can help students organize their efforts to meet the requirements of an assignment, and instructors can use Rubrics to explain their evaluations to students. 
Presenter(s): Bernie Salvador, Online and Hybrid Support Center

Title: Interactive Strategies for Online Classes

Description: This session will discuss techniques for encouraging student interactivity in online classes, with special attention to team-based learning pedagogies. Topics will include team-based strategies for presenting course materials, creating assignments, and assessing outcomes, while promoting student-to-student discussion and collaboration.
Presenter(s): Nancy Park, Department of History

Workshop Session 3

Title: Student Mental Health: Campus Resources and Suicide Prevention

Description:  Faculty sometimes find themselves first responders for students in crisis. As part of a campus wide suicide prevention and stigma reduction effort, this workshop will acquaint faculty with campus initiatives to support student mental health and provide training so that faculty may refer students to campus mental health resources
Presenter(s): Janet Logan, Department of Educational Psychology

Title: Assessment Made Easy: Using Blackboard to Collect and Analyze Assessment Data

Description: Learn about the new feature of Blackboard called "Outcomes" and how your program or department can use it to streamline the process of assessing your Program Learning Outcomes (PL0s). The session will also address how Outcomes can be used to assess students' attainment of our Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs).

Presenter(s): Donna Wiley, Academic Programs and Graduate Studies; Jodi Servatius, Ian Gordon, Blackboard

Title: GoogleApps: A Quick View of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Appointment Slots

Description: This presentation will cover some of the most common questions about Gmail, Calendar, and Drive and how to get into the Settings of each of these modules. You will also see how you can create Appointment Slots for your office hours so students can your students can reserve time on their own.
Presenter(s): Vivian Reed, ITS Training; and Dylan McClintock, ITS Learning Environments

Title: LEEP Forward

Description: Join Corey Gin as he shares how the Leadership and Employee Enrichment Program (LEEP) can enhance and support your personal and professional life. LEEP offers leadership, professional skills development, personal health, wellness, and enrichment workshops and activities throughout the year.
Presenter(s): Corey Gin, Leadership and Employee Enrichment Program - LEEP

Title: Warp Drive! Using Futures Thinking to Power Student Engagement in Your Classes

Description: The impact of long term/futures thinking on business and government is well known. What is less clear is its impact in education. This session will show how one professor used this powerful strategy to engage his students in self-directed discovery.
Presenter(s): Lonny Brooks, Communications Department; Stephanie Couch, Institute for STEM Education; Andrea Sevari, Institute for STEM Education

Workshop Session 4

Title: Who are Our Students?

Description: Institutional research provides a wealth of demographic data that informs us about East Bay students and the keys to their success. Come learn about academic preparation, demographic factors, and retention rates as well as targeted research projects now underway.
Presenter(s): Amber Machamer, Planning and Research

Title: Lecturers' 101

Description: This workshop provides a 'crash course' on resources and "what you need to know" if you are teaching your first class at CSU East Bay as a lecturer or if you began lecturing at CSUEB recently. We will cover the syllabus and academic dishonesty policies and touch on the most important campus resources for you and your students.
Presenter(s): Jessica Weiss, Office of Faculty Development/Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching

Title: QOLT: Quality On-Line Learning and Teaching

Description: In this workshop you will learn about the QOLT evaluation instruments that are useful in designing and organizing an online class. The facilitators were recognized by the CSU QOLT program with 10 other faculty CSU-wide and will share examples of successful course design and projects or assignments from their QOLT classes.
Presenter(s): Li-Ling Cheng, Teacher Education; June Weintraub, Health Sciences

Title: CFA Update

Description: Join members of the CFA leadership team to discuss updates in bargaining, faculty rights issues, the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education, and upcoming campus organizing activities for the 13-14 academic year.
Presenter(s): Jenn Eagan, California Faculty Association; Kim Geron, California Faculty Association

Gallery of Resources and Wine Reception

Description: Poster Session and Reception-Various campus organizations that support faculty will be available to share information about their services. The reception includes appetizers and beverages.
Presenter: Faculty Support Services and Faculty Governance: Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching; Online and Hybrid Support Center; and Information Technology Services - Media and Academic Technology Services

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