Back to the Bay 2014

Back to the Bay 2014 Presentation and Workshop Descriptions

Early Bird Sessions
8:30 - 9:45am

Title: Integrating Multimedia in Blackboard Courses

Description: Enhance your students' learning experience with effective use of varied media. Presenter will demonstrate how to upload, link and embed images, audio, video, and external web content using the Blackboard Content Editor tools. (Prior Blackboard Experience Recommended)
Presenter(s): Meg Taggart-Wright, Online & Hybrid Support Center

Title: Blackboard Overview and Introduction

Description: Blackboard Basics is an introduction to CSUEB's Blackboard Learning Management System. This workshop is designed for instuctors who are new to the university or who have never used Blackboard. Topics covered in this workshop include: Logging in, Navigating your course, Organizing your course, Adding content to your course, Communicating with your students, Student work submission, Getting Help
Presenter(s): Terry Smith, ITS Media and Academic Technology Services

Title: What's New in Blackboard - Got Badges?

Description: CSUEB recently upgraded to Blackboard 9.1 Update 3. This overview and demo will cover a number of new, useful improvements including: Group Management, Assignment grading updates, Grade Center improvements, Test Deployment improvements, Achievements and more. (Prior Blackboard Experience Recommended)
Presenter(s): Bonnie Correia, Online and Hybrid Support Center

Title: Blackboard Rubrics

Description: The Bb rubric tool allows instructors to accomplish three important tasks:
1) Organize and articulate how a specific assignment is graded
2) Provide students with a clear picture of how you are grading an assignment before they begin work
3) Grading of students in an environment that includes all your established grading criteria
The rubric tool is easy to set up and use, and rubrics you develop can be reused in other courses and shared with colleagues. This workshop will demonstrate how to build a rubric, how to apply that rubric to a Blackboard Assignment, and how to grade the submitted work using the rubric.
Presenter(s): Bernie Salvador, Online and Hybrid Support Center

Welcome to Back to the Bay 2014

Linda Dobb, Associate Provost

Keynote Speaker

Gerard L. Hanley, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Technology Services
Executive Director, MERLOT
Academic Technology Services
The California State University

Assistant Vice Chancellor Gerry Hanley will be speaking about the new initiatives from the CSU Chancellor's Office that are intended to enhance student learning and to assist faculty in learning about innovative teaching techniques.

Workshop Session 1

Title: Online Discussions, Student Engagement, and Student Learning

Join colleagues from Communications, English and History, experienced online instructors all and staff from OHSC  to discuss online discussions. This is a round-table, not a presentation! Panelists will talk briefly about the challenges of and strategies for online class participation in the discussion board and other instructional tools. Then we anticipate the audience joining in. Let's exchange ideas about getting students to demonstrate course content 'mastery' and get them interacting with one another about course content.
Presenters(s): Eileen Barrett, English, Grant Kien, Communication, Nancy Park, History

Title: Assuring a Safe and Compliant Campus

Description: Charles Batey, Senior Investigator in the Office of Risk Management, will speak about the recent changes to CSU policies concerning Sexual Harassment, Sexual Discrimination, and Sexual Assault. These policies are intended to offer greater protections to those who experience illegal behaviors, whether as students, employees or vendors.
Charles Batey, Investigations

Title: A Change of View: Updates from the Library

Description: Change is happening in the University Libraries! Find out what new and exciting things you will see when you visit the Library - both online and in-person. It’s been a doozy of a year, and we are excited to share with you what we are doing.
Presenter(s): Andrew Carlos, Jeffra Bussmann, Sharon Radcliff, Stephanie Alexander, University Libraries

Title: Accessibility Services: Fast Facts for Faculty From Faculty

Description: Accessibility Services will present a panel of CSUEB faculty members who have incorporated simple changes in their teaching practices to create more accessible courses for all students. A fun video of what NOT to do will be presented with interactive discussion.
Presenter(s): Katie Brown, Accessibility Services

Title: Program Assessment: Getting Meaningful Results Without Killing Off Faculty

Description: We all have goals for the students in our programs and we want them to succeed. Every five years our programs come up for review and we demonstrate our students’ achievements, but there must be a way to do this without killing faculty. Come find out what’s happening in assessment, with CAPR and how one department has streamlined the program assessment process.
Presenter(s): Chris Chamberlain, Nancy White, Hospitality, Recreation, & Tourism, Jodi Servatius, Educational Leadership

Workshop Session 2

Title: Adobe: More Than You Think!

Description: CSU East Bay has a campus license for adobe but many people only use a small subset of its features. Eric Neumann and a representative from Adobe will present a look at all the things you can do with Adobe and speak about a very low cost option for adding Adobe to your home computer.
Presenter(s): Eric Neumann, User Support Services

Title: Diversity and Social Justice (DSJ@CSUEB): Past, Present, and Future

Description: In this interactive workshop, participants will learn about past efforts at CSUEB to support diversity and social justice oriented teaching, contribute to our DSJ@CSUEB timeline, and collaborate in planning future DSJ efforts on our campus.
Presenter(s): Sarah Taylor, Rose Wong, Social Work, Collen Fong, Ethnic Studies, Duke Austin, Sociology and Social Services, Dianne Rush Woods, University Diversity Office, Meleana Akolo, Anthropology 

Title: Quarter to Semester: Course Transformation

Description: Panelists Jason Singley, Andrea Wells, and Bridget Ford will present ways in which an extended, semester-long course can incorporate new transformations such as student research, service learning, and group projects. Thinking about what the move from quarters to semesters might mean for your curriculum?  They have some suggestions.
Presenter(s): Jason Singley, Physics, Andrea Wells, CCE, Bridget Ford, History

Title: Helping Students in Distress

Description: Faculty and staff often face students with complex emotional or behavioral needs. Students may disclose that they are suicidal, disrupt class, or simply express a need for personal support. Staff from Counseling Services will discuss how instructors can manage these situations, and when and how to access additional support.
Presenter(s): Shauna Olson Hong, Ryan Guetersloh, Counseling and Psych Services

Title: Cooking Up Rubrics: Ingredients, Preparation and Serving Suggestions

Description: This interactive workshop presents rubric development as a cooking lesson for creating tasty rubrics. Required ingredients, measurement issues, preparation, and the “cooking” process will be reviewed. Participants are encouraged to bring a course syllabus, learning objectives, and assignments for which a rubric can be developed, with special request for assignments that include elements of critical thinking, creative thinking, and/or information literacy. Sample rubrics for those outcomes will be provided for "tasting". 
Presenter(s): Sharon Green, Management, Bernie Salvador, Online & Hybrid Support Center

Workshop Session 3

Title: What I Wish I had Known Before Teaching an Online Course

Description: This session will start with an intro of CSUEB Online Campus then discussion of online learner, instructional strategies, instructional design, and student engagement. Information can be helpful for both online and/or on-campus teaching. Come and share your stories or schedule at time to have further discussion with the New Director of Online Campus.

Presenter(s): Roger Wen, Online Campus

Title: Coping in higher education

Description: Gretchen Reevy will begin with a coping self-assessment, which attendees will self-score. Then she will describe a variety of common mechanisms which Americans use to cope with stress (most are included in the self-assessment). Some may not always be "healthy". Next she will discuss mechanisms which researchers have found are effective for coping with academic stressors, largely drawing from information from her book Personality, Stress, and Coping: Implications for Education.
Presenter(s): Gretchen Reevy, Psychology

Title: Advising Made Easy! Demo of the New Student Success Collaborative Tool

Description: We will have a demonstration of the new Student Success Collaborative advising tool which enables advisors to see quickly and easily which students may be at risk and which are doing well. It provides key data and analyses to make advising students in your major easier and more effective.
Presenter(s): Larry Bliss, Academic Advising & Career Education, Brian LeDuc

Title: The Center for Community Engagement 2.0

Description: As we head into year two of being a "Center", new happenings are afoot! Join us to:
• find out more about our new web application that makes YOUR work easier
• meet new staff members that are here to help YOU
• learn about recognition opportunities for YOU and YOUR STUDENTS
Presenter(s): Mary D'Alleva, Patricia Loche, Center for Community Engagement

Title: Summer Institute Poster Session

Description: In July, 24 faculty members participated in Journey to Excellence in Online Teaching, a Summer Institute based on the Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) evaluation instrument. Participants learned about best practices for student engagement, accessibility, and use of technology. The Institute also covered Blackboard tools and technologies to enhance student engagement. Come to this poster session to see the course designs and redesigns and learn about online teaching strategies and technologies. It's a great way to learn more about online teaching and pick up some strategies to implement in your classes.
Presenter(s): Faculty Participants of the Summer Institute

Workshop Session 4

Title: Share Your Voice: Using Voicethread for Lectures, Presentations, etc.

Description: Voicethread is an online slideshow tool that allows you to leave voice, text, video comments on slides and share online with your class. In this workshop session, learn how to use Voicethread to provide online lectures, presentations, discussion boards, etc., with your class. You will leave with an account and various best practices for Voicethread.
Presenter(s): Andrew Carlos, University Libraries

Title: Lecturers' 101

Description: The purpose of this workshop is to provide a quick overview of the 'need-to-knows' when you are new or newish to teaching at CSU East Bay. Topics include: the common syllabus student services, and campus resources for faculty. Come and learn about the campus, the Office of Faculty Development, and meet fellow lecturers.
Presenter(s): Jessica Weiss, Faculty Development

Title: AIM (Accessible Instructional Materials) Who What Why?

Description: This workshop explains what accessible course design looks like, why it is important and provides the resources to get it done.
Presenter(s): Daminna Stanfield, Coco Napolis, Accessibility Services

Title: Latino/a Transfer Students, Educational Equity, and Learning from the GANAS program

Description:  A panel of faculty and staff (Calvo, Balgas, Jiminez) will describe the GANAS program, which helps Latino/a transfer students make a successful transition to the University. Included will be statistics about our Latino/a student population, what strategies are working, and what the University as a whole can do to assist.
Presenter(s): Luz Calvo, Ethnic Studies, Diana Balgas, Retention Service, Evelia Jiminez, Academic Advising & Career Education

Title: Design Powerful Assignments to Bring Out Your Students’ Best: Craft meaningful assignments with high academic standards and real-world relevance for students

Description: Interactive session with take-away tools and templates outlining elements of powerful course assignments:
• Contextualizing for real-world relevancy and meaning to students’ lives
• Aligning to multiple outcomes
• Addressing higher order thinking
• Scaffolding to build capacity
• Using rubrics to assess student learning
Presenter(s): Julie Stein, Tamra Donnelly, Academic Programs & Graduate Studies

Gallery of Resources and Wine Reception in Library Annex LI2800

Description: Poster Session and Reception - Various campus organizations that support faculty will be available to share information about their services. The reception includes appetizers and beverages. A professional photographer will be in the Library Biella Area from 3:50pm to 5:00pm to take faculty photos.
Hosted by: Faculty Support Services and Faculty Governance: Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching; Information Technology Services - Online and Hybrid Support Center- Media and Academic Technology Services

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