Online & Hybrid Support Center

Where are we ?

LI 2800 – opposite Main Entrance to Library, in Media & Academic Technology Services (MATS) Area

What do we do ?

  • Meet with chairs/deans who plan to offer online programs, degrees, certificates, majors, etc. and schedule meetings, workshops, and priorities for assisting their faculty.
  • Create and disseminate online, print, and multi-media materials and tutorials that inform faculty about “best practices” in online and hybrid course design, with an emphasis on materials that meet the requirements of the “Accessible Technology Initiative” for students with disabilities.
  • Offer workshops in online and hybrid course design and in creating accessible course content. Upcoming workshop information will be posted here soon!
  • Provide one-on-one support for all faculty teaching online and/or hybrid courses.
  • Maintain a small library of relevant materials (handouts, books, journals, reprints, multi-media, e-files, archived webcasts).
  • Maintain relevant C.O. Initiative reprints and e-files (Accessible Technology Initiative; Transforming Course Design in the CSU; Access to Excellence; Digital Marketplace).

OHSC Staff

  • Bernie Salvador, Instructional Technology Consultant/Instructional Designer, (510) 885-2562
  • Bonnie Correia, Instructional Technology Consultant/Instructional Designer, (510) 885-4878
  • Meg Taggart Wright, Instructional Technology Consultant/Instructional Designer, (510) 885-2641
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