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Office of Online Campus Dr. Roger Wen, Director 510.885.7678
Pre-Admission Counseling Enrollment Counselors 510.885.2556
B.A. in Ethnic Studies Dr. Luz Calvo, Department Chair 510.885.3255
B.A. in Human Development Dr. Keri O'Neal, Department Chair 510.885.2405
B.S. in Hospitality & Tourism

Dr. Melany Spielman, Department Chair

     Andrea Weicker, Advisor

     Angela Byrns, Advisor


B.S. in Recreation
M.S. in Recreation and Tourism
B.S. in Business Administration Claire Abshire, Student Service Professional 510.885.3376
M.S. in Education, Option in Online Teaching & Learning Ayellee Adam, Program Manager 510.885.4496
M.S. in Health Care Administration Dr. Toni Fogarty, Grad Coordinator 510.885.2268
M.S. in Educational Leadership Nancy Jordan, Program Facilitator 707.363.3035
Faculty Support Bernie Salvador, Instructional Designer 510.885.2562
Faculty Support Bonnie Correia, Instructional Designer 510.885.4878
Faculty Support Meg Taggart Wright, Instructional Designer 510.885.2641
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