Animal Care and Use Web Resources

The Guide for the Care & Use of Laboratory Animals:  This is the most commonly referenced guidebook for the care and use of laboratory animals. 

AVMA: Recommendations on Euthanasia:  This book provides the latest information on accepted practices for euthanasia of laboratory animals.

Advancements of Medical Research: This applies to medical researchin which animals play an important role. 

American Veterinary Medical Association:  This site is the home page for the national veterinary medical professional association. There are many things you will find that are not only interesting, but also useful for you and your pets at home.

Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, International: The AAALAC is a non-profit international organization that reviews organizations for adherence to existing regulations and professional guidance on proper care of animals in research and teaching settings. Go here to discover how some institutions go so far as to ask for an outside, non-biased review of their programs involving animal care, and find which institutions have achieved accreditation.

Animal Care Division of the United States Department of Agriculture: This site provides information on how animal care facilities, from research laboratories to zoos, are inspected by federal veterinarians. Additionally, there is a number of links concerning animal care and use in zoo, exhibitions, and breeding facilities.

Foundation for Biomedical Research has a large number of excellent documents which provide facts about animal based research. These include: 

California Biomedical Research Association:  This site is a wonderful place to visit to get a good sense of how animals are used and cared for in a progressive research institution.

The Jackson Laboratory is a unique nonprofit institution, leading the genetics revolution that is transforming medicine for the benefit of humanity. The world's largest mammalian genetic research facility, the Laboratory also serves a key role in the global scientific community as the provider of critical genetic resources and as a center for training present and future scientists.

Remember fruit flies and high school biology?  The 21st century fruit fly is the zebrafish. Go to the Zebrafish Information Network for background and useful information.

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