Hiring Program Personnel & Payroll

a. University Faculty and Staff on Foundation programs

This section is for University employees who want to charge release time, overload, or overtime to Foundation grants or contracts.

Faculty: Upon receipt of the fully-executed grant/contract award faculty members (including the PI) should submit a Foundation Faculty Appointment Form (FAF) to Foundation SRP. Upon review and approval by the Foundation, the faculty appointment is forwarded to University Academic Resources and University Payroll for final processing. University Payroll handles all payments to faculty for Foundation release and overload time. If applicable, a separate check for overload pay will be mailed to the faculty member every month in addition to his/her normal University paycheck. The Foundation reimburses the University for faculty pay out of the related sponsored program funds. For more information, the entire process is outlined in the Foundation Faculty Pay Procedure.

Staff: The PI should submit a Foundation Staff Release Appointment Form (FSRAF) for every University employee that needs to charge release or overtime to the sponsored program. Upon Foundation approval of the FSRAF, the PI should follow University procedures to release the employee for work on the sponsored program. The employee’s release and/or overtime will be paid by the University. The University will bill the Foundation on a monthly or quarterly basis for reimbursement.

Lecturers: Lecturers hired to teach University courses for credit must be hired and paid through the University. The Foundation will reimburse the University if such teaching is part of the allowed grant activity. For all non-teaching, non-credit appointments, the lecturers are hired as employees of the Foundation. Please see subsection 3.b below.

Any questions regarding release, overload, or overtime appointments should be sent to Foundation SRP.

b. Foundation Employment

Questions regarding employees hired directly by the Foundation should be directed to the Foundation Director of Human Resources. Here are some links to sections of interest:

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