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September 13, 2010

CSU East Bay Foundation, Inc.

Sponsored Program Guide (SPG)


This Sponsored Program Guide (SPG) is intended to assist Principal Investigators with the management of their sponsored research and programs. This guide is also intended for use for all other departments with accounts at the Foundation, including trust accounts, institute accounts, etc. There will undoubtedly be questions that this guide does not cover, so account holders should always feel welcome to contact the Foundation with any questions they might have regarding this Guide or any other matters.

The Foundation oversees and administers sponsored research and programs on behalf of the University as the designated Sponsored Program Administrator, as well as managing a large number of trust accounts. Pursuant to CSU Executive Order 890, “the Sponsored Program Administrator is legally responsible and accountable to the Sponsor for the use of the funds provided and the performance of the Sponsored Program”.

Sponsored programs include all grants, contracts, MOUs, cooperative agreements, and other awards from federal, state, local, and private sponsors to conduct research or run programs which advance the missions of the University. The Foundation provides the University with the administrative resources and guidance necessary for responsible management and stewardship of award funds provided by CSUEB’s sponsors. Some of the wide range of program support resources the Foundation provides includes:

  • Human Resources: personnel recruitments, human resource management, payroll, benefits, etc.
  • Purchasing & Accounts Payable: issuing purchase orders, facilitating bids and RFP’s, reimbursing program expenditures for items such as supplies, equipment, subcontracts, consultants, travel, stipends.
  • Accounting: establish program spending accounts, maintain official financial records of program expenditures, provide official financial reports, and handle audit-related requirements.
  • Accounts Receivable: generating invoices and collecting reimbursement from sponsors.
  • Compliance & Risk Management: Ensure compliance with all federal, state, CSU, Foundation and program requirements - reporting, equipment inventory, intellectual property, etc. Provide guidance and procedures for responsible conduct in the use and expenditure of program funds.
  • Institutional Officer: Act as the University and Foundation’s official liaison with the sponsor for all grants and contracts.

The Foundation works in close partnership with Principal Investigators and University administrators. It is our mission to provide the tools, resources, and information necessary so that Principal Investigators can run successful programs that augment the University and ensure continued funsding from our sponsors.

Some Useful Facts:

The activities of the Foundation are considered “post-award” activities directly related to implementing and overseeing a sponsored program award. The Foundation does not generate or submit proposals – these are considered “pre-award” activities. For information on proposal development and submission, please contact the CSUEB Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP).

The Foundation’s Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (“SRP”) is the official CSUEB contact for all matters pertaining to the conduct, management, and administration of existing grants and contracts at CSUEB.

For more information on how to run a sponsored program at the Foundation, please click any of the links to the SPG below:

Table of Contents


The purpose of this online guide is to provide concise guidance on the policies, regulations and procedures that govern sponsored program activities. The official version of the Sponsored Programs Guide (SPG) will always be the current version on this website as it is a living document and will be updated continuously. Please check the Updates page where we will post the latest updates to the SPG.

  1. Role of the Principal Investigator
    1. Project Coordinator
    2. Co-Investigators
    3. Signature Authority
    4. Expenditure Tracking
    5. Staff & Contractors
    6. Reports & Deliverables
    7. Time & Effort Certification
    8. Safety Rules and Procedures
    9. Property and Equipment Management
  2. Award Set Up
    1. Pre-award Spending
    2. Foundation Chartfield String Creation
    3. PeopleSoft Chartfields
    4. Rebudgeting
  3. Hiring Program Personnel & Payroll
    1. University Faculty and Staff on Foundation Programs
    2. Foundation Employment
  4. The Rules on Spending
    1. General Guidance
    2. Specific Guidance
    3. Prior Approval Requirements
    4. Spending Rules by Category
    5. Other Foundation Accounts (Trust, Institute, Etc.)
    6. Spending Procedures
    7. Reimbursements/Payments/Disbursements
    8. Copy Cards
  5. Travel
    1. Official Travel Status
    2. Mileage Reimbursement
    3. Meals & Incidentals Allowance
    4. Transportation
    5. Lodging
    6. International Travel
    7. Prepaid Travel Expenses
    8. Travel Advances
    9. Travel Reimbursement
  6. Definitions
  7. Resource Materials
  8. SPG Updates Archive
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