SPG Updates Archive

May 14, 2010

  • New/Revised Policies:
    • Section 4. Rules on Spending
      • d. Spending Rules by Category:
      • f.i. Written Quotes: Requirement for written quotes clarified.
      • f.i. Statement of Work requirements are explained.
      • f.ii. Commercial Goods & Services: Purchase Request Form is now required only for purchases $1,000 or more (previously required if $500 or more)
      • g. Check Processing Timelines have been updated
    • Section 5. Travel
      • c. Meals & Incidentals Allowance: Guidelines for international per diem have been added.
      • e. Lodging: Lodging reimbursements have been modified to reflect CA Department of Personnel Administration Travel Rules.
  • New or Updated Forms:
  • New or Updated Resource Materials:

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