Programmatic Excellence & Innovation in Learning


To support innovation and excellence in education, and to promote teaching that prepares students to meet the demands of the 21st Century global environment, Academic Affairs is providing grant funding to each of CSU East Bay’s four colleges to enable faculty teams to design, implement and assess new approaches to teaching and learning. Programmatic Excellence & Innovation in Learning (PEIL) grants are intended to support faculty teams and departments committed to achieving widespread sustained improvement in undergraduate instruction using established best practices.


Faculty release time funded by PEIL grants is intended to:

  1. Support faculty members in building a solid understanding of the learning needs of the diverse and multicultural CSUEB student body;
  2. Stimulate leading-edge research and development of instructional models that can lead to successful and innovative programmatic-level changes which improve student learning in accordance with measurable educational goals;
  3. Encourage and strengthen the practice of scholarship of teaching and learning at CSUEB; and 4) Provide a vehicle for programmatic change within and across departments through the dissemination of innovative ideas and best practices within the CSUEB community and beyond.

Faculty teams and departments that received grants for the 2013/14 academic year will work to design, implement, and assess new approaches to teaching that will increase learning for at least one major/degree. All funded projects will implement and assess new approaches to teaching and learning in one or more courses during the 2013-14 academic year. The faculty leads’ departments have expressed their commitment to promoting the take-up of successful project components within other courses. The new approaches being developed were selected, in part, because they are relevant and applicable to a broad range of courses within and across colleges, including but not limited to those taught by other members of the team.

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