Who Must Complete Early Start and Exemption Criteria

If you are a freshman starting at a CSU campus in Fall 2013 and do not meet the exemption criteria below, you must participate in the Early Start program during the summer. You must participate because your current test scores on file indicate you are not ready for college-level English and/or math.

Students Exempt from Early Start

The following freshmen are exempt from the Early Start Summer Program:

  • Freshmen who are not residents of California, including international students
  • Freshmen who participate in Summer Bridge
  • Freshman who clear both English and mathematics remediation requirements before high school graduation. To clear remediation requirements, freshmen must meet one of the following criteria: EPT and ELMEarly Assessment Program (EAP), or EAP Conditional Status.
Students Exempt from Early Start
Type English Mathematics
EPT and ELM EPT 147 or higher ELM 50 or higher
Early Assessment Program (EAP) Exempt Status "Exempt" or "Ready for college-level English" "Exempt" or "Ready for college-level Mathematics course"
EAP Conditional Status Conditional and a C or higher in an approved year long, senior-year Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC), AP English, IB English or an English course approved for extra honors weight on the University of California “a-g” Doorways course list Conditional and a C or higher grade in an approved year-long, senior-year mathematics experience, intermediate Algebra, or higher-level mathematics

Students with EPT/ELM Exemptions

Students who are exempt from the EPT and or ELM based on SAT, ACT, or AP scores are also exempt from Early Start. Learn more about these exemptions.

Requesting an Exemption

Only if you have an extreme or extenuating circumstance beyond your control preventing you from completing the mandatory Early Start requirement during the summer can you petition for an exemption. Submit your petition to earlystart@csueastbay.edu. Please be sure to include your full name, NetID number, and a detailed explanation of your situation with supporting documentation if appropriate.

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