Early Start Frequently Asked Questions

General Information on Participation

What is Early Start?

Early Start is a brief educational program for students who need assistance with becoming college-ready in math and/or English. If you are a freshman starting at a CSU campus in Fall, and you require remedial coursework in math or English (based on ELM/EPT scores or SAT/ACT scores if EPT/ELM is not available) you must begin remedial coursework during the summer before enrollment through the Early Start Program.

Why do I have to participate in Early Start?

If you are a freshman starting at a CSU campus in Fall and do not meet the exemption criteria, you must participate in the Early Start program during the summer. You must participate because your current test scores on file indicate you are not ready for college-level English and/or math.

Who is exempt from Early Start?

The following freshmen are exempt from the Early Start Summer Program:

  • Freshmen who are not residents of California, including international students
  • Freshmen who participate in Summer Bridge
  • Freshmen who clear both English and mathematics remediation requirements before high school graduation. Review how to clear remediation requirements.

I've been told I have to do Early Start but I think I should be exempt. What should I do?

Your Early Start required participation is based on your EPT and ELM test scores. If you are exempt from the EPT and/or ELM based on your SAT or ACT test scores, then you are also exempt from Early Start. Please e-mail earlystart@csueastbay.edu to inquire further.

What if I am not able to take the Early Start class in the summer?

Only if you have an extreme or extenuating circumstance beyond your control preventing you from completing the mandatory Early Start requirement during the summer can you petition for an exemption. Submit your petition to earlystart@csueastbay.edu. Please be sure to include your full name, NetID number, and a detailed explanation of your situation with supporting documentation if appropriate.

Early Start Class Registration and Payment

Where can I take the Early Start class?

You may complete the CSU Early Start Program by:

  • Completing an on-campus English or online math course at CSUEB.
  • Completing a course at another CSU campus.

When is the Early Start class?

Early Start classes will be offered in the Summer. Specific dates and times vary, depending on where you take the class and whether you need English and/or math. Cal State East Bay’s Early Start math course is entirely online, and the English classes will be offered at the Hayward and Concord campuses. Learn more.

When and how do I register for the Early Start class?

Starting in May, CSUEB will send letters to all admitted students who have indicated their Intent to Register and are required to take the Early Start math and/or English class. The letter will provide instructions on indicating in MyCSUEB where you will complete your Early Start course(s). Learn more.

How much will the Early Start Program cost?

Each CSU Early Start math and English class costs $182 plus a fee of $1 for Health Facilities and $1 for the student union at each campus enrolled. CSUEB’s class is 1.5 quarter units, with 15 hours of instructional time. (At a CSU on a semester system, classes are 1 semester unit.) There may also be costs associated with campus parking and course instructional materials.

How do I pay for the class?

If you register in an Early Start class at CSUEB, you can pay the fees as follows:

Online: Pay through MyCSUEB. You can pay by credit card or electronic check. 

In Person: You may pay fees in person, with check, money order, cashier's check, or cash, at either of the Cashier's offices listed below. Credit cards are not accepted at the Cashier's office.

  • Hayward Campus:  Cashier's Office in the Student Services & Administration (SA) Building, Cal State East Bay, 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd., Hayward
  • Concord Campus:  Cashier's Office in the Academic Services Building, Cal State East Bay, 4700 Ygnacio Valley Rd., Concord

By Mail: When paying fees by mail, be sure to include your full name and NetID number. Send your fees to the following address

Cashier's Office
Cal State East Bay
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94542

Is financial aid available for the Early Start Program?

Assistance for some Financial Aid students is available to pay the $182 plus a fee of $1 for Health Facilities and $1 for the student union at each campus enrolled.  Early Start fee in the form of an Early Start Fee Waiver. California residents who apply for financial aid and have an Estimated Family Contribution of $5,000 or less will be eligible for a waiver of the $182 fee. Students who qualify for a State University Grant (SUG) are generally eligible for the Early Start Grant. This waiver will automatically be applied to your course fees when you enroll in the class.

What is the refund policy?

If you enrolled in an Early Start class, paid your fee, and are unable to attend during that session, please go back into MyCSUEB and update your enrollment to another class session. If you are no longer required to participate in the Early Start program and wish to receive a refund, be sure to drop the class in MyCSUEB no later than the Thursday before the first day of instruction.

Early Start Class Logistics, Materials, and Grades

Where is the class located?

CSUEB’s Early Start math class is entirely an online course. Students taking this class must have readily available Internet access and a computer. Students independently review course materials posted online by the instructor, work problems through the ALEKS system, and pose questions through e-mails and message boards.

CSUEB’s Early Start English class is not online; it is offered face-to-face on the Hayward or Concord campus. All instruction and tests for the English class are conducted in a traditional classroom format. After registering for the course, students are provided detailed information on their class building/room location.

How long is the class?

Specific course dates and times will vary depending on where you take the class. Cal State East Bay’s Early Start Math course will offered entirely online. Cal State East Bay’s Early Start English course will be a three week course offered at the Hayward and Concord Campuses. Each class will be 15 hours of instruction. The course meeting days/times will be indicated in MyCSUEB at the time of registration.

If I plan to go to CSUEB but will take the Early Start class at another CSU, how will CSUEB get my grades?

All of the CSU campuses are coordinating with each other to ensure Early Start participation and class grades are provided to the student’s final destination campus. You do not need to obtain a copy of your grades to provide to CSUEB. The CSU where you take your Early Start class will send it to CSUEB automatically.

What happens after I complete the Early Start Class?

English: After you complete an English Early Start class, you will be prepared for a successful experience in your English course in the Fall. (The EPT is a placement test that cannot be repeated. Regardless of your Early Start course performance, you must still enroll in a remedial English course.)

Math: After you complete the math Early Start class, you will be prepared for a successful experience in your math course in the Fall. Depending on your score, your remediation course level or requirement may change. (The ELM is a placement test that can be repeated. Math students are encouraged to retake the ELM in order to change their course level or requirements for Fall).

How will books and supplies be handled?

Information on books and supplies needed for CSUEB’s Early Start courses will be provided to registered students prior to the course start date. Students are responsible for the cost of required course materials. Students in the math course will be required to set up an ALEKS account to access materials online. Your instructor will provide instructions.

Where do I park?

Students enrolled in CSUEB’s Early Start English class must come to the Hayward or Concord campus for all class meetings and exams. Students may park in the student parking lot near the building where their class is located. Special Early Start parking permits valid during the weeks the Early Start class is conducted will be sold at the CSUEB Cashier’s Office in the Student Services & Administration Building (first floor) on the Hayward Campus, and in the Academic Services Center at the Concord Campus. The cost is $30.00. Only cash/checks are accepted at the Cashier’s Office. (Debit/credit cards are not accepted.) Further information on purchasing a permit will be provided prior to the start of the class. Check with the Cashier’s Office for summer operating hours. 

Public transportation to the Hayward campus is available through BART and AC Transit. Limited public transportation is available to the Concord campus through County Connection/CCCTA.  Additional information will be provided prior to the start of classes.

Contact Information

How do I get more information?

Students with questions about the Early Start Program can contact the CSU Early Start Program office in the following ways:

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