Math and Science Teacher (MAST) Program

A program for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and Liberal Studies Majors interested in K-12 education.

Program Description

The CSU East Bay Math And Science Teacher (MAST) Program is designed to provide scholars opportunities to explore science and mathematics education at the K-12 levels. This program is open to current STEM and Liberal Studies majors. Scholars will join a community of students interested in STEM education. The scholars will engage in teacher education coursework, field experience directly in the K-12 classrooms, and science and math education workshops at CSUEB and in the greater Bay Area. This program will enable students to obtain 45 hours of classroom experience which is required for entrance into the teaching credential program. Students who successfully complete the MAST (which includes a credential program interview) and maintain at least a 2.67 overall GPA will have a space reserved for them in the CSUEB credential program.

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Level 1, Graduating by June 2017 - $1000 Scholarship
  • Level 2, Graduating by June 2016 - $3000 Scholarship

Teaching Credential Program Entrance

Successful CSUEB STEM and Liberal Studies students who complete the MAST Program and graduate with at least a 2.67 GPA will have a space reserved for them in the CSUEB teaching credential program.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Level 1 - Participate in three quarterly STEM Education workshops
  • Level 2 - Participate in three quarterly STEM Education workshops and take the following three teacher education courses:
    • TED 3001(3 units)
    • TED 3007(1 unit)
    • TED 3008(1 unit)


Download the MAST Application

Due Date for SENIORS: 3rd Friday in October
Due Date for JUNIORS: Applications accepted year-round

Return this application to:

Math And Science Teacher (MAST) Program
College of Science, Science North – SC N131
CSU East Bay
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94542
FAX (510)885-4169


Contact Claudia Quezada at

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