• Notice to Students regarding Summer Course Evaluations

All Summer 2014 courses will be evaluated using the online course evaluation application. The evaluation period for online evaluations will be from August 25th to September 1st. Please make sure that you check your Horizon e-mail account regularly during this period.  Please make sure that any spam filters are not blocking these messages, and that messages that are being forwarded to your personal -email accounts are being received. To help make the evaluation process more convenient, you can complete your course evaluations online via computer or mobile device. 

Student course evaluations are an integral part of the continuous improvement of curriculum and instructional quality at Cal State East Bay. They provide the university with feedback on course content and instructor effectiveness and provide the instructor with useful feedback in improving future teaching. Instructors welcome your suggestions and take them very seriously. All evaluations are completely anonymous and your evaluation cannot be traced to you. Evaluation results will not be reported to departments and/or faculty until after all course grades are final.

You will receive a separate e-mail for each course you are enrolled in that is being evaluated using this online course evaluation format. The course to be evaluated is noted on the evaluation once you have opened it so please make sure that you are evaluating the correct course. 

If you have any questions or concerns during the evaluation period, please send them to Online Course Evaluations at onlinecourseevaluations@csueastbay.edu.

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