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Spring 2014 Move Out Information

12 Easy Steps to a Fantastic Move Out

We encourage you to read this entire page and open all attachments/videos as it includes VERY IMPORTANT information about closing/move out. You are responsible for knowing this information in order for you to have a successful move out that does not have any financial charges.

1. We hope that this information will help make the end of the year a little smoother for your move:1.    Closing/Move Out Brochure – If you have not yet opened and read through the Closing/Move Out Brochure for your community, please make sure to do that ASAP! It includes very valuable information for the process. A copy has been sent to your horizon e-mail, you can get a hard copy at your Area Front Desk or you can download/print a copy here:

2. Closing Meeting – We encourage you to plan a closing meeting with your apartment/suite/roommates. During this meeting, you all should talk about the plan for making sure your entire apartment/suite/room is cleaned and ready for check out. Things for you to find out:

  • When is each person planning on moving out?
  • How do you all want to assign the final cleaning? We encourage you to use the cleaning check list as a guide. Most apartments/suites have divided the responsibility amongst each person and have attempted to make it as fair and equitable as possible.
  • Is there a deadline to have the cleaning done?
  • What are the rules/expectations after a room is completely cleaned?
  • What cleaning supplies do you all have?
  • Do you all need to purchase additional cleaning supplies? If so, how did you all want to do that as an apartment/suite/room?
  • Are there any major damages that you all should be concerned about? DO NOT attempt to fix these as it will cost you even more when the university has to fix it. Please notify your RA upon check out. The RA will provide you with an estimate.

3. Late Night Breakfast—as usual, Student Housing and Residence Life will be hosting the Late Night Breakfast on Sunday, June 8 from 9PM – 11:30PM in the Dining Commons.  Several key campus staff members will be present to wish y'all well with final exams.  Additionally, the Community Counseling Center will host activities and raffle prizes!

4. Quiet Hours—in preparation for the start of final exams, 24 hour quiet hours will begin @ 9PM on Friday, June 6 and will continue through Friday, June 13 at 2 PM.  Please be aware that your roommates/neighbors might be studying for their final exams even after you have finished your last one. It’s OK to celebrate after your last final, but please celebrate quietly!

5. Move-out Appointments— You must sign up for an appointment with your RA in order to officially move out of your space.  If you haven’t done this, please SEE YOUR RA immediately.  Also, please be sure to start packing your belongings because you will need to vacate by 2PM on Friday, June 13 unless you have an approved “License Extension” form.

For more information regarding check-out, please refer to the informational video at:

6. Cleaning
 - A major part of moving out is making sure your room/suite/apartment is cleaned. In order to help you be successful with this, your RA will be giving each suite/apartment a cleaning check list in which each member of your apartment/suite MUST sign up to clean a certain area. It is important that you follow the instructions on this checklist and the tips in the video above. Cleaning fees will be charged to any resident that fails to clean their room/their assigned area. In some cases, an entire suite/apartment may be charged the cleaning fees associate.

7. Room Configuration – It is important that you re-arrange the furniture in your room/suite/apartment back in its original form. Please click on the picture below for the type of room/suite/apartment you are currently in. This will provide you with some reference so to put the furniture where it belongs.

8. Parking—In order to maintain fire lanes and help with traffic on Thursday (June 12) and Friday (June 13), the only entrance into Pioneer Heights will be the entrance next to the Dining Commons.  The middle road (with the stoplight and the service road next to Tamalpais/Shasta will be EXIT ONLY).  In addition, we will have signs posted indicating which side of the street you can park on while you load your belongings.  Please note that violators will be cited. NOTE: During these two days, guests will not have to pay to park in Lot C & C1. Please click on the following link for a map depicting parking/traffic flow:

9. Dining Commons

  • To Go Boxes – Please make sure to return your To Go Boxes to the DC. You can also return your Rain Check Cards (new ones will be issued for next year). Your return of your To Go Box, will help the DC to not have to raise prices in the future!
  • Dish Return Amnesty – Did you accidentally take dishes out of the DC? Please help us not have to increase future dining costs by returning dishes and utensils that you may have borrowed from the DC. You will be able to return your dishes, no questions asked, at the DC (preferable, or at each of your front desks).
  • Late Night Dining – Tuesday, June 10 will be the last day for Late Night Dining.
  • Last Meal - The last meal served as part of your current year meal plan will be BRUNCH on Friday, June 13. 
  • Campus Eatery Hours – Each campus eatery will be holding different hours than the academic year during finals. We encourage you to visit those spaces and make note of the hours of operation.

10. Free Fest—The campus Sustainability initiative and Residence Life will be sponsoring a program that will allow you to drop off unwanted items (good condition) in El Dorado Community Room and also to sort through the belongings in case you see something you could use. Please look out for fliers/postings about Free Fest.

11. Final Exams—STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! Do you need a place to study? Residents are welcome to use the Lassen Community Room as a QUIET STUDY space. Please be mindful and respectful of others trying to study.

12. Fall Opening Volunteers – We are currently looking for individuals that would like to help us during Fall move in. As a volunteer, you will be able to move into the residence halls earlier. If you are interested in becoming a Fall Opening Volunteer, please contact: Kenrick Ali (

Best of luck on Final Exams and the remainder of the quarter! We have enjoyed having you as part of our community. Have a great summer! 

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