Pioneer Heights Resident Computer Appointments

Having problems logging in? Suddenly Quarantined? Not a problem, our trained of ResNet experts can get you back online.

What services can we provide?

  • Resident Network Troubleshooting - We can assist in issues with connectivity to the Resident Network and get you back online
  • Adware and Virus Assistance - We will assist you in removing malware, viruses, and adware from your computer
  • Software Installation - We can assist in installing software (Operating Systems, Anti Virus, etc)
  • Minor Hardware Repairs - We can install pre purchased components to your system and assist in configuring those products

What we cannot provide:

  • Software - With the exception of an AntiVirus software installation, for any installation or possible repair, you must provide the original software. We will not install any software without the original disks and valid product key. We will not service any computer that displays a invalid product key, or has obvious warez software.
  • Hardware - We do not sell hardware or provide any onsite. We can make recommendations for products and where to purchase them.
  • Information on "Work Around's" - We abide by the University and Housing's acceptable use policies, we will not provide information on how to circumvent these rules and regulations.

Making an Appointment

To make an appointment, Please click this link. You will be taken to a Google Calendar. In this online calendar, you can choose the time and date that works best for you. You must be present during the repair as we are unable hold and store your laptop.

Laptop Appointments:

  • All laptop appointments are in EDH
  • Please bring your power supply to your appointments (some updates require a power supply)
  • Please refrain from bringing friends to your appointment. Our desk handles multiple operations and less distractions make it easier to assist our other customers.

Desktop Appointments:

  • We will meet you in your apartment
  • Please have the area around your computer clean. We might need to check for a loose wire or pull your desk away from the wall to check your network port.

Need a repair to your network port or cabling in your room? Please visit the Housing Portal to make a service request.

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