Safe Connect

What is Safe Connect?

Each time your computer accesses the Internet, it is subject to hackers, viruses, worms, spyware, adware, DOS attacks, etc. When your computer gets infected, it not only effects you, but it may also effect every other computer by exposing them to possible viruses and congesting the network. A few infected computers can cause an entire network to go down.

To insure that our network is safe and reliable all residents are required to use the Safe Connect Tecnology. This technology makes sure that every PC and Mac on the ResNet has:

  • An anti-virus program installed (with up-to-date definitions)
  • A functioning firewall
  • An up-to-date Operation System with the latest patches

How Does It Work?

Every user on the ResNet must install the Safe Connect Client onto their computer. The client will then check the system for the minimum system requirements. Users meeting the requirements will then be able to access the internet with ResNet. Users that do not meet the minimum standards will be quarantined and upgraded with assistance from the Client The Safe Connect system is always running on your computer, if at any time your computer falls out of compliance, you will be imediately notified through the browser.

Connecting to Safe Connect

By Room Port:

  1. Open Your Web Browser
  2. You will be directed to the “Welcome to CSU, East Bay Network Authentication Portal” web page.
  3. Enter your NetID and password in the provided fields on the right and click “log in”.
  4. If this is your computer’s first time on the network, you will be asked to download and install the Safe Connect Client. *NOTE: If you do not install the client, you will not have access to the ResNet via your computer port.
  5. Click “Yes” to any security alerts that pop up during this installation,
  6. Choose “Run” to begin installing the agent.
  7. Choose “Next” on the Introduction Screen
  8. Choose “Next” again and then “Install”
  9. When the installation is completed, choose “Finish”

*If your system meets the minimum security requirements (see left panel) you now have access to the ResNet.
*If your computer does not meet the minimum security requirements, then you will be moved into a temporary area to make the required upgrades (see “Temporary Access”).

Through your Wireless Connection:

  1. Before opening your browser, open your wireless connection window
  2. You will have 2 connection choices:
  3. TheHeights
  4. EB Guest*
  5. *EB Guest is a limited use network. You will only be able to surf the web at 100k connection speed. You do not have to use the Safe Connect Client to use this Network.

  6. Choose EB Student and follow the above “Connection by Room Port” instructions for connection information.safe_connect
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