Pest Control

Reporting Instructions and Guide for Treatment


A University approved contractor will supply the appropriate bait and treatment that meets the code and standard of University. We ask that you do not use your own pesticides as it may lead to delays in treatment.  

If you see a pest in your apartment please follow the instructions below:

  1. Place a maintenance request on the Student Housing Portal.
  2. Contact Housing office at 510-885-7444 or visit the front desk.  If after hours, leave message and it will be retrieved next morning.
  3. Then follow steps below to get ready for service. (If it is a Bed Bug or Cockroach issue same day service may be rendered if reported before 2pm).

How to Prepare Your Apartment for Treatment:


  • Clean up spills and place food in air tight containers.
  • Vacuum thoroughly, empty all trash and recycling from bins, and tell the technician every place you are seeing ants.


  • If you have cockroaches in Kitchen:
    • Remove all food and other items from cabinets/ shelves/ drawers from kitchen area and place on the table.
    • Open food items can be stored inside the refrigerator.
    • Leave cabinets doors open, clean counter tops and sinks and leave them bare.
    • Appliances should be left on the counter tops.
    • If you have cockroaches in your bathroom:
      • Cabinets should be emptied and items such as toothbrushes should be sealed in plastic bags.
      • If you have cockroaches in your bedroom: 
        • Remove items in drawers and place in plastic bags and stack on the bed before 8am on day of treatment
        • Remove items from closets and do not store items in cardboard boxes.
        • Remove all garbage and recycling items from bins on daily basis.
        • Sweep/vacuum floors before and after treatment.
        • Clean up any food spills especially oil from surfaces.
        • After treatment, do not wash down treated areas.
        • Once treated surfaces are dry, you can return items to their cabinets/shelves.




  • Throw away food that has come into contact with rodents including feces, urine, etc.
  • Empty trash/ recycling from bins every other day.
  • Do not throw away glue traps as a technician will check them weekly. If you find a dead mouse please contact 510-885-7444 for removal.


  • Vacuum all carpeted areas, cushions, furniture, underneath furniture, along baseboards, and drapes (if applicable).
  • Uncarpeted floors must be “hot-mopped” (with extremely hot water) including kitchen dining areas and bathroom areas. Remove all items from floors (clothes, etc.).
  • Aquariums must be covered with a wet towel.
  • Keep windows open


  • Strip bedding, linens, and drapes (if applicable) and place in plastic bags and then seal it. Housing will provide plastic bags for your belongings.
  • Remove all items in drawers, cabinets, and closets and place in sealed plastic bags.
  • Once items are sealed in plastic bag. Bring them down to launder (using hot water/detergent) and then dry.
  • Once laundry is completed take out what will be needed for the next couple of days. Then put rest of laundry back into plastic bag and seal it up. Place the bag back into your bedroom so pest technician can inspect it on treatment day.
  • Throw away cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, old newspapers and magazines, and similar items in infested rooms.  Make the bed an “island” and pull away from walls.
  • Do not store items under the bed and do not allow linen/ bedding to touch the floors. 
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