Roommate Interview

One of the first steps to finding a roommate that is right for you is to determine your own style of living and compare it to the style of living of your potential roommate. Have an open conversation with your potential roommate to get to know each other better and share lifestyle preferences. Below is a list of a questions that can be helpful when finding the roommate that will mesh with you:

  • Living Habits:

How often do you clean the shared space?
How long do you typically spend in the bathroom getting ready?
Are you an early riser or a late riser?

Do you have any allergies to food?

  • Personal Habits:
    Do you smoke? If not, can you live with a roommate who does?

Do you drink alcohol? If so, how often do you drink?

  • Social Habits:
    Do you tend to be quiet or more outgoing?
    Do you like to have friends come over frequently?
  • Pets:
    Do you have any pets? Can you live with someone who does?
    Do you have any allergies to pets?
  • Background:
    Have you ever lived off-campus before (in an independent lifestyle environment)?
    If so, do they describe their experience as positive or negative, and why?
  • Financial:
    Are you financially reliable?
    Do you have a job and control your own finances (have your own bank accounts)? Or is someone else (e.g. parent) going to be paying your bills?
    Have you ever had utilities or phone bills in your own name?
  • Conflict Resolution:
    If one roommate has a lifestyle preference that the other disagrees with, what steps would you take to address the concern?
    How do you plan on communicating your concerns to your roommate?

Do you feel comfortable filling out a roommate agreement? This sets the expectations..

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