Frequently Asked Questions

If you still cannot find the information you are looking for regarding Intramural Sports, check out the Participant Handbook or contact us at

Q: What is Intramural Sports and why would I want to play?

Well, Intramural Sports is a program that provides organized sports leagues and tournaments to students, staff and faculty at CSUEB. Unlike varsity sports (NCAA), intramural sports are played between groups of students and staff on campus. You will be playing against fellow students, classmates, or even your professor. Intramural sports are designed for recreational play, and typically no practices are held. Our leagues are fun and offer a chance to try out a new sport or hang out with friends. Here are a few reasons why you will want to play:

  1. It is FUN! Hey, did we mention playing sports with friends is fun yet?
  2. There is something for everyone. We offer a wide variety of sports, some you may be familiar with and some you won't. Try something new!
  3. Meet new people. Build relationships with like-minded individuals that will last a lifetime!
  4. Stay active. We know lifting weights and hitting the treadmill isn't for everyone. Get your exercise and feel good playing sports instead!

Q: How do I sign up for Intramural Sports?

Participants will need to create an Intramural Sports profile on IMLeagues and can then sign up a team, or join an existing team. If creating a team, make sure to follow all the steps so that your team can be guaranteed a spot in the league. Read the Registration Process page for detailed instructions.

Q: How can I participate in Intramural Sports if I do not have a team?

No worries! We at Intramural Sports have a term called "Free Agent." Free Agents are encouraged to register as a Free Agent on IMLeagues. You will be able to create an ad for yourself so that other captains can add you to their team. You can also browse other teams and request to be added. Instructions for creating a Free Agent ad are on the Registration Process page. If all else fails, contact our office and we will ensure you get on a team.

Q: What sports are offered each quarter?

Our sports and tournaments change each quarter. We try to infuse new and exciting sports in with the traditional team sports such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Check out the schedule page or IMLeagues to see what sports are available this year.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in Intramural Sports?

All participants must hold an active Recreation and Wellness (RAW) Center membership. All members with the exception of students paying the "UU Rec FEE" must purchase a RAW membership in order to participate in the Intramural Sports program.

CSUEB students currently enrolled in one or more classes and paying the "UU Rec Fee" as a part of their overall tuition and fees are given a complimentary RAW membership and eligible to participate. Students currently enrolled but not paying the "UU Rec Fee" must purchase a membership to participate.

Q: What do I need to participate in Intramural Sports?

All players will need to bring a valid Bay Card to each game. Once you have added to the IMLeagues roster, you can also show a government-issued photo ID in lieu of a Bay Card.

Q: I am not very skilled in a particular sport. Can I still play?

Of course! We encourage people to try new sports and play regardless of skill level.

Q: Can I play for more than one team in a sport?

Yes. BUT, you may only participate on ONE single gender team, and ONE Co-Rec (CoEd) team.

Q: I want to join another team. Can I change teams?

Once you have played on one team in a league, you may not change teams. Checking in to a game counts as playing in that game. If you have not yet played in a game, you may remove yourself from a team via IMLeagues.

Q: I am a current Varsity (NCAA) athlete. Am I eligible to participate in Intramural Sports?

A “Varsity Athlete” is an individual who participates in an intercollegiate contest, attends regularly scheduled practices for a span of more than two weeks, or appears on any official intercollegiate team roster. “Varsity Athletes” include those athletes that may have played at another school before attending CSUEB. For the purposes of eligibility, practice team players, red shirt players and former varsity players are considered “Varsity Athletes.”

“Varsity Athletes” are allowed to participate in their same or related sport in the Intramural Sports program. No intramural sports team may roster more than two “Varsity Athletes” that are playing in their same/similar sport (e.g. an intramural basketball team may not roster more than two “Varsity” basketball players). Intramural teams playing a different sport than the “Varsity Athletes” may roster an unlimited number (e.g. an intramural volleyball team may roster five baseball “Varsity Athletes”). “Varsity Athletes” retain their status for three years from the date of their last participation for the intercollegiate team.

Q: How much does it cost? How do I pay?

Intramural Sports teams pay a team fee in order to register. This fee varies by the sport, but generally ranges from $20-50 per season. Team captains are responsible for paying this fee online. All payments are processed using a secure PayPal service. Captains can either use a PayPal account or debit/credit. If these forms of payment are not available, contact the Intramural Sports office and we can set up a Bay Bucks transaction. Intramural Sports also offers many tournaments are completely free!

Q: When are the games?

Games are generally played once a week once the season begins. A new season begins each quarter at about the third week of the term. Team sports play a 5-game season, followed by a playoff to determine a champion.

Q: How are playoff teams decided?

Playoff teams are decided based on the nuumber of teams in each league. Usually about 50% of the teams in a league qualify for playoffs. Teams are ranked according to winning percentage, sportsmanship rating, head-to-head, and point differential.

Q: What do I get for winning?

Aside from bragging rights, winning teams will receive a unique chmapionship t-shirt and a place on the Intramural Sports Wall of Fame, located in the RAW lobby.

Q: Do you have any jobs available?

Yes! Intramural Sports hires sports officials each quarter. For more information on how to become a referee, please see our Become an Official section.

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