Intramural Sports

The Intramural Sports program is designed to offer a wide range of recreational sports and activities to the Cal State East Bay community. IM Sports encourages students and members to stay active regardless of skill level. IM Sports provides a perfect setting to build relationships, hone skills, and enjoy fun, friendly competition. Intramural Sports offers a variety of activities for our extremely diverse campus. Some intramural sports include basketball, volleyball, flag football, soccer, badminton, dodgeball and much more! Intramural sports registration typically begins at the beginning of each quarter and last until finals week.

Online Registration with IMLeagues

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Intramural Sports uses an online league management tool called IMLeagues. To register to play an intramural sport, participants will need to create an account on IMLeagues. You can then add to an existing team, create a team, or register as a free agent. IMLeagues offers a vast array of features from an intuitive team creation process to social interaction amongst teammates and opponents.

All participants will need to register on IMLeagues in order to play. The registration process is simple and only takes a few moments. Please see the Registration Process for help on creating an account or starting a team.

Intramural Sports Goes Mobile!

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Intramural Sports is pleased to announce the arrival of REC*IT - your mobile app for all things intramural sports. The REC*IT app from IMLeagues gives you the ability to manage your schedule, track results, communicate with team members, and receive real-time intramural and recreation news on your phone.

REC*IT interfaces with IMLeagues directly, using the same login as your existing account.

Download REC*IT and get a leg up on the competition today.

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The Fall 2014 season starts soon! Registration opens on September 24th and closes October 10th. Register your team now on IMLeagues!

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