Before Orientation

Get yourself ready to show your PIONEER PRIDE by:

  1. Submit your Student Intent to Register (SIR).
  2. Take the necessary placement tests or confirm that you meet the necessary criteria to be exempt from these tests.
  3. Activate your NetID (also referred to as your CSUEB ID)
  4. Contact the EOP Office if you have been admitted through the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP).
  5. Meet the terms and conditions of admission and document deadlines to avoid any subsequent cancellation of admission.
  6. Review your financial aid information and visit the Financial Aid website if you have any questions or for more information.
    Click here to view a short Financial Aid video.
  7. Contact Student Life and Leadership Programs if you need accessibility assistance. You may also contact the Accessibility Services department if you need to make special requests for Orientation or as an incoming student.
  8. Review the Freshmen Learning Communities to understand more about your upcoming advising options and course registration process.


Students required to take the EPT/ELM exam must do so prior to registering for classes at CSUEB. Students must take the EPT/ELM before attending Orientation in order to register for classes at Orientation. The test(s) you are required to take are listed in your letter of admission. You may be exempt from this requirement by achieving certain scores on the SAT or ACT. If you have any questions about whether you are exempt (including whether your scores have been received by Cal State East Bay), call Assessment & Testing at (510) 885-3661. You will not be able to register for classes at CSUEB until you have satisfied this requirement.

The EPT/ELM test dates and registration deadlines are listed here:

If you live outside of the state of California and have been admitted to a CSU campus and need to take the EPT and/or the ELM before arriving in California, please call 1-925-808-2142 or e-mail Out-of-state testing can be arranged for the 2nd week of the month, except in May when the test is the first week. There is an additional fee of $50 for testing outside of the state of California.

If you have questions, call Testing Office for information about registration for the exams. EPT/ELM information (including exemption criteria) and registration materials are available in Testing Office, located inside the CSUEB Library, (510) 885-3661.

Online Access: Activate NetID

An activated NetID (CSUEB ID) will help you take the first step to becoming a star. It grants you access to Horizon, your free student e-mail account, and MYCSUEB, the online system that holds your personal records, and most importantly, the online class registration system.


AFTER you've activated your NetID, check out these other important online systems:


This online system gives all students immediate access to verify their admission status, financial aid status, current address, update email address, and verify registration status.


Horizon E-mail Account:

Wait list notifications, schedule changes and other important messages will be sent ONLY to your free Horizon e-mail account. Invitations to register are also sent to this account.

Activate your e-mail account

Educational Opportunity Program

If you have been admitted into the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)*, a special EOP Orientation Session will be included in University Orientation Programs. Attendance at Orientation is mandatory for EOP students. At these sessions, students will be oriented on the services and benefits of EOP, learn the expectations of being an EOP student, receive assistance in identifying and selecting appropriate classes, attain helpful resources for academic and personal success, and begin a working relationship with a counselor that will last through graduation. Please indicate if you are an EOP student on the reservation form.

* Students who do not attend an EOP Orientation Session will not be able to register for Fall quarter classes. Please call the EOP Office at (510) 885-3751 if you have any questions.

Disabled Community

We welcome the disabled community. If you need accommodations such as a sign language interpreter, materials in an alternative format, etc., please inform us at least two weeks prior to your Orientation session. You can contact us at: Student Life and Leadership Programs - Freshman Orientation, Phone: (510) 885-3872, E-mail:

Dates & Reservations


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