Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a form of financial aid largely provided by federal funding. A student must apply for financial aid each year to become eligible for the award, or to keep working in their current Work Study job. Eligible FWS students earn money by working a limited number of hours per week. Employment may be found on or off campus with employers that have arranged in advance to offer FWS positions to CSUEB students.

How To Apply for Federal Work Study

To obtain a work study job, follow these steps:

  1. APPLY for financial aid with a FAFSA to determine your eligibility to get an FWS award. You must turn in all financial aid documents by the published deadlines.
  2. CHECK your Financial Aid award in MyCSUEB or your award letter to find out if you have a Work Study offer (not all students are eligible).
  3. ACCEPT your Federal Work Study offer in MyCSUEB if you want to work.
  4. PRINT your eHAF or FWS Hiring Authorization Form when you receive it in your Horizon e-mail account.

How to find a Work Study job

  1. Search for an available FWS position by logging in to the online Pioneer Jobs student portal. The office of Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE) can help you with workshops, resume preparation and job search skills.
  2. Contact the FWS employer listed in Pioneer Jobs, and print copies of your eHAF and resume. 
  3. Bring your resume and eHAF to your interview and be prepared to discuss your job skills and availability with the potential FWS employer. If a department or employer agrees to hire you, they will request your eHAF and submit a FWS Job Description, along with required paperwork. Be sure to find a position as soon as the term begins; students who do not secure a position early in the year or quarter in which they have been awarded might discover later that their FWS award has been canceled or reduced. 

Securing a Work Study job 

  1. When hired and before starting to work, sign in at the CSUEB Payroll Office on the second floor of the Student Services and Administration Building (SA) on the Hayward Campus. Be sure to bring your original Social Security card, a photo ID and ifi appropriate, documentation from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)/Dept. of Homeland Security
  2. As soon as you begin work, you must enter your time worked daily in the OSPP Time Sheet in the Student Center of your MyCSUEB account. Initial time sheets and first paychecks may be delayed due to processing time required. 
  3. Students should plan on working their scheduled hours. You can not earn more than your allocated FWS award showing in your MyCSUEB account. Go to "View Financial Aid" periodically to check your FWS award. If there have been any changes to your FWS award, please notify your supervisor and employer immediately.

Where to find Work Study jobs

Eligible Federal Work Study (FWS) students may work on campus in departments and offices, or off campus at selected nonprofit organizations and public agencies that have completed contracts with CSUEB before the fiscal year (July 1) begins. 

On-Campus Employment 

You may find a job in over 135 department and administrative state offices on campus. Available jobs are posted online; visit the Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE) Pioneer Jobs Student Portal to search for jobs. Support positions in reception areas, computer labs, stocking and inventory tasks, data entry jobs, filing/phone work and delivery jobs are examples of available employment. 

Off-Campus Employment 

Eligible Federal Work Study students may use their FWS award only with pre-approved off site and community service employers. FWS jobs are posted online in the Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE) Pioneer Jobs system. FWS students will automatically be considered for an increase in their FWS award after community service employers hire and submit required documents to the FWS Administrator at CSUEB, funds permitting.

Community Service Opportunities

Both on-campus and off-campus employers may be part of the FWS community service program. Community service positions involve work which is in the public interest, and improve the quality of life for community residents, particularly low income individuals, or to solve problems related to their needs. Eligible students accepting community service positions will automatically be considered for an increase in their FWS award after their employers submit the required paperwork to the Office of Financial Aid, funds permitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get answers to questions I have about Federal Work Study?

Visit the Enrollment Information Center on the first floor of the Student Services and Administration Building (SA) on the Hayward Campus.

Where do I view my financial aid package to see if I was given a Work Study award?

View your award in MyCSUEB.

I'm having trouble finding a Work Study job, how can I find a position?

Visit the Enrollment Information Center. There are often more positions available than eligible students each year.

How do I submit hours I worked in my Work Study job?

Submit your hours daily in MyCSUEB Student Center. Print a copy of your online time sheets after supervisor approval and signature for your own tax records; Work Study is taxable income.

When do I get my Work Study paycheck?

Paychecks are distributed on campus if you have an on campus job. For off campus employment, checks are distributed by Planning and Enrollment Management (PEM) unless the hiring agency handles its own Work Study payroll. Consult your supervisor for deadlines, pay dates, and other information.

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