PACE (Program for Accelerated College Education)

PACE is a program designed to support working adult, transfer students to complete their bachelor's degree. Two of the main benefits of being a PACE student are reserved seating in major courses during the first enrollment period each quarter and intensive academic advising. Our accelerated course structure is designed to help you balance the demands of a full time job, a family, and an education. Please note: You must be admitted to the University first in order to apply to the PACE program. 

Program Structure and Requirements

PACE students are provided with a program curriculum roadmap that provides a quarter-by-quarter schedule of their major's course offerings. Additionally students are required to meet with their PACE counselor to create an academic plan. Students are expected to take a minimum of eight units each quarter, or risk being discontinued from the PACE program.

Important Winter 2016 Quarter Dates

    • Winter 2016 Quarter Begins – January 4, 2016
    • Last Day to Add Classes – January 11, 2016
    • Last Day to Drop Classes – January 15, 2016
    • Last Day to Change Grade Type – January 19, 2016
    • Last Day to File for Next Term's Graduation – January 19, 2016
    • Last Day to Withdraw Without Financial Aid Recalculation - February 19, 2016
    • Last Day to Withdraw from Classes- February 22, 2016
    • Last Day of Classes – March 11, 2016
    • Finals Week – March 14-20, 2016
    • Official Grades on MyCSUEB – March 28, 2016

The PACE Mission

To increase the accessibility and achievement of Bachelor’s degrees for working adults by providing a program and support designed to meet their unique needs.

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