Admitted Student Checklists

Your next steps are to confirm that your application is complete and that you have finished any required items before enrolling in classes. Use the appropriate checklist below as a guide for everything you need to complete your record and prepare to enroll in classes.

For students entering CSUEB Fall 2015:

For students entering CSUEB Spring 2015:

For students entering CSUEB Summer 2015:

Understanding Conditional Admission

As a general reminder for all admitted students, admission is based on self-reported information and/or a review of in-progress partial transcripts indicating the admission requirements outlined at are being met. 

Most applicants complete the conditions of their admission without difficulty. However, some do not. The most common reasons why are:

  • Not submitting required documents by the required deadline
  • Failing to meet published admission requirements. This would occur if: 
    • A final official transcript does not reflect the courses and grades listed on the application for admission
    • Planned or in-progress courses listed on the application for admission are not successfully completed
    • GPA falls below the required threshhold

Please contact the Office of Admission at 510-885-2784 to speak with an admission counselor if you feel that you may be at risk for not completing the terms and conditions of your admission offer.

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