Complete Your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR)

Congratulations on your admission! We sincerely hope you choose to attend Cal State East Bay. As you are now an admitted student, we ask that you indicate your Intent to Register to let us know you plan to attend our campus.

Be sure to submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) online in MyCSUEB. You are strongly encouraged to do so to secure a place in the entering class as soon as you have made your decision to attend Cal State East Bay, but no later than the deadline indicated on the Application and Document Deadlines web page for the term to which you applied.

As a general reminder for all admitted students you must meet the terms and conditions of admission to maintain your offer of admission. For more information, visit the Terms and Conditions of Admission web page. If you fail to meet any of the requirements, your admission will be canceled.

Just follow these easy steps to submit your Intent to Register (SIR) online:

1.    After activating your NetID, go to MyCSUEB at

2.    Click on Intent to Register hyperlink.

3.    On the Intent to Register page, click on Accept/Decline hyperlink.

4.    On the Accept Admission page, select the I Accept Admission option.

5.    Select Confirm Acceptance You will then receive a confirmation notice.  If you no longer plan to attend CSUEB then please select I Decline Admission and confirm, then select the reason for not attending, and click Save.

6.    Click Save.

Not enrolling this quarter?

Admitted students who choose not to enroll in classes at Cal State East Bay are also encouraged to indicate their plans on MyCSUEB so that your space may be offered to another deserving student.

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