PACE Advising

To facilitate your academic journey the following advising tips are offered:

  • Become familiar with the University catalog.
  • SEE AN ADVISOR REGULARLY. Be sure to see the PACE advisor before registering for your first and second quarters. Once you are familiar with the system and the PACE curriculum an advisory appointment every other quarter should be sufficient. However, feel free to make an appointment with the advisor any time you have questions or concerns. This is one of the most effective tools available to you as PACE students. Take advantage of it.
  • Review the University catalog section on your major requirements as well as any other advising materials available from your major department or program.
  • Meet with your major advisor as soon as possible after admission and regularly on an as-needed basis throughout your academic career.
 Review the University catalog and website on all non-major graduation requirements.
  • Get a copy of your educational plan early in your CSU career. Update it each quarter so you will know what you have done and what remains.
  • If you must deviate from the established PACE curriculum be sure to consult with the advisor prior to registering for any classes.
  • Check Blackboard, your horizon email, and your student center via MyCSUEB often for updates, important dates, upcoming events, PACE news, and other information.
  • If you are planning on a credential or a graduate program contact that department well in advance of your anticipated graduation to ensure that your educational plan is consistent with their entrance requirements.
  • You are responsible for your education – be proactive in ensuring your success.

Also, please keep in mind that in order to have reserved seats in PACE classes, you must be admitted to the PACE program AT LEAST a MONTH PRIOR to registration beginning on any given quarter.  PACE cannot guarantee seats once reserved seats have been requested from the participating Departments. The PACE application process is 1 - 2 weeks, please plan accordingly.   

PACE staff will be available throughout the quarter to advise all majors. To schedule an appointment or check availability, please call the AACE (Academic Advising and Career Development) Office at (510) 885-3621. Please note, PACE currently ONLY supports Human Development and Liberal Studies majors.

We are dedicated to your success!

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